Forced to love... A Zayn Malik fanfiction

Sometimes you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time.


7. chapter 7


Maddie's p.o.v

I was sat in the living room with my mum and dad watching tv. Maddie and the Malik's left an hour ago. My sisters god knows where they were and my brother was sat on my lap watching tv with us.

My mum spoke up to clear the silence between us all "so Maddie darling what did you think of the Malik's and what's his name oh yeah Zayn?" My mum asked me. "Well it's the first I'm meeting them I guess their okay and his okay" I replied. Just as I finished my sentence my annoying little sister had to come in to the room "okay he is more than okay that boy is fine, if he wasn't older than me I definitely would've been all over him" she exclaimed. I gave her a look of disgust "well I have never talked to him before and he didn't talk much today either! How'd you expect me to explain what i think of him? He's okay I mean he seems nice" I replied back trying to hold my hand back from slapping her! She scowled at me then left the room.

My mum put her attention back towards me "so you think he's nice?" My mum asked me "yeah I suppose so" what really scared me was both my parents were listening closely even dad who usually never cares about these sort of things. My mum clapped her hands together "well then it's settled you and Zayn will be getting married" my head turned immediately to face my mum "WHAT!" I shouted " how, how could you do this to me? Is that why they were special? I.. I" I was speechless, confused, I had so much going in my mind that was just waiting to burst! "Yes sweetie you are getting married to Zayn it's final no ifs or buts" my dad said sternly. "No you cannot just choose who I get married to, I had so much planned! I was planning on moving back to London and get a good job there! In fact I had even applied for a few jobs there! It's mine and Maheen's dream to go back there and get good jobs and love together you two cannot just destroy that dream!!" I shouted at the two of them looking at both of them in disbelief. Okay I may have lied about already applying for jobs but I wasn't lying about mine and Maheen's dream! "Well darling that's even better now we have more better reason to get you married quicker, then you can go to work as soon as possible too and you wouldn't have to pay for a house to live in Zayn would handle that!" My said with a smile on her face. I mentally face palmed my self for saying that, stupid me! "I don't want to get married please I'm too young mum, dad please" I pleaded them both "what nonsense your 18 that's old enough, and I'm not taking no for an answer your getting married to Zayn and that's final!" My dad said shouting at me. I stared at them both "you just hate me that's why your doing this" I screamed whilst stomping up the steps.

I reached my room and paced up and down the room. I stopped and looked at my phone. Maheen she'll know what to do! I grabbed my phone and called her "hello Maddie is everything okay?" She asked sounding worried "no can I come over please?" I asked even though I already knew the answer. "Sure you know you don't have to ask" she replied "okay be there in 5" I hung up and ran down the stairs grabbing my coat,keys and purse. "Maddie where do you think your going?" I turned to look at my mum "out" I replied harshly.

Zayn's p.o.v

We came home and my mum asked to speak to me. I got a bit worried mum hardly ever wanted to speak to me alone "ooohhhh Zayn's gonna get in trouble" Walihya said just to annoy me "oh shut up, mum loves me more than you she won't shout at me for whatever I did" I say glaring at her "whatever" she replied then ran upstairs.

I watched a bit of telly whilst waiting for my mum "zayn sweetie I wanted to ask your opinion on the Hussain's and Maddie" she said "urmmhhh okay I guess their okay" I said unsure of what else to say "what about Maddie what do you think of her hmm?" Mum asked again "Maddies pretty but we didn't talk much but she looks like a nice person" I replied trying to play it cool I couldn't let my mum know I found her hot that would just be embarrassing "well that's a good thing to hear"she said "really why?" I asked "because your getting married to her.

I'm gonna leave a cliff hanger on how zayn reacts ;)

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