Forced to love... A Zayn Malik fanfiction

Sometimes you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time.


6. chapter 6

Zayn's p.o.v

We all entered her room her friend and her went straight to her bed as the boys and me stood there awkwardly. I stood and examined her room. It was nice, spacey and colour co-ordinated. Her room was coloured red and white her bed was white and the sheets were red. Her room was painted white besides one wall which was painted red. She had pictures of her and her family every where. A picture of her and her friend was placed on her desk. There were 3 bean bags placed in the corner. I came out of my day dream when I heard a sound, sounded like someone was dying. My eyes landed on Maddie who looked like she was crying an was making no noise was that her laugh? wow! First time I've ever heard a girls laugh and it didn't sound cute!

I cleared my throat as they both slowly stopped laughing. Maddies eyes looked wandered over to us and her cheeks became red. Haha she was embarrassed she looked at all of us "why don't you guys come in" she said trying to break the ice. We all made our way into her room. Me, Louis and Niall all took a seat on a bean bag. Harry made his way over to the bed to sit next to Maheen. Liam sat down at the chair near Maddie's desk. "So tell me more about you guys" Maddie asked. "Were all part of a boy band called" Liam was interrupted by the two girls shouting "one direction yeah we know we heard everything about you guys the whole of our two year at uni". Harry smirked at Maheen "so you two beautiful girls wanna give us your number" Maddie scoffed "I'm sorry I don't give out my number too stranger". Maheen shot her a glare and pulled out her phone the boys all put in their numbers and so did I. Harry whispered something in to Maheen's making her blush and smile to her self. She has a nice smile a bit like Harry's two dimples popping out. Maddie poked at Maheen's dimple "what you smiling at eh?" Maddie asked Maheen "oh nothing" Maheen gave Maddie a I'll tell you later look. We all remained in silence so I decided to speak up "so you two girls single?" They both nodded their heads. Harry seem pleased at Maheen's answer and winked at her. I silently laughed too myself. "What's so funny" Maddie asked whilst glaring at me "nothing" i said. The room went silent again.

Suddenly Maddie's phone began ringing. She groaned before answering "hey babes" she mouthed a name to Maheen "urmh were kinda busy now" "nope we have guest over" "you want to come over" "well,there really special guests though" "I don't know there having dinner and leaving" Maddie sighs "okay bye" she said before hanging up "what did she want" Maheen asked Maddie with a disgusted look on her face "she wanted to come over but I said no don't worry heenheen I had it all under control" Maddie said re assuring Maheen.

We all turned our head towards the door when Walihya and Natalia made there way into the room informing us that we have to go down to have dinner.

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