Forced to love... A Zayn Malik fanfiction

Sometimes you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time.


5. chapter 5

Zayn's p.o.v

I tried to hold my laughter in as she up of the ground I saw her turn around and give her friend a glare. She was beautiful obviously not a beautiful as Perrie but she was hot I'd have to give her that! She had brown no scratch that caramel coloured eyes that shone even brighter when she smiled. Her long thick brown hair ended just above her butt which may add was finely curved as well. I glanced over to the boys who were eyeing her up and down as well, I must say she had a fine body, curves all in the right place. She looked about my age maybe two or three years younger who cares I'm with Perrie I remind myself! Her dad introduces her to us and us to her she gives a small smile then her eyes wander off too her friend who was standing there waiting like an awkward penguin. " oh and that's Maddies friend Maheen" Maddies dad explain to us ah so Maddies her name and Maheen is the other Maheen was hot too infact they both were besides Maheen was a little taller and had hazel eyes and dip dyed ends. Maddies dad walked us all into the kitchen and Walihya shrieked "Natalia I didn't know I'd be coming to your house today" that must be Maddies younger sister then " OMG I didn't know either c'mon we have so much to catch up on" Natalia said whilst clapping her hands together and jumping a little. Mum stayed in the kitchen and helped Maddies mum out and we all followed Maddies dad into there living room.

We entered and found Maddie and Maheen both playing with a little boy I'm assuming it's her brother because he looks a bit like her. He was laughing so much as Maddie tickled him seemed like the poor boy would stop breathing. They both laughed as she finally stopped tickling him. She had a bit of a weird laugh it look like she was about to cry or wasn't breathing, Maheen began laughing at her laughter " your laugh is so... funny" Maheen said whilst laughing. Maddie stopped laughing and pouted woah that looks hot she should stop or we'll all end up bowing down to her that pout looked like it could make you do anything. " that's mean" Maddie said still pouting "I don't care it's the truth babes" Maheen said whilst winking at her "don't babes me just after insulting me" Maddie said shooting her a glare Maheen smiled then they both burst into laughter... Did we just miss something funny or.. I don't get it I'll never understand girls eh who cares anyways. The two girls were interrupted in their laughing session when Maddies dad yelled "alright you two go on get out of here or we'll be here all day just watching you laugh" "you know you love our laughs mr Hussain especially Maddies right?" Maheen asked whilst wriggling her eyebrows "haha very funny Maheen c'mon let's go, up into my room peasant" Maddies said whilst laughing "peasant I'm a peasant please" Maheen begun before getting cut off "alright you two girls enough Maddie why don't you take the boys with you?" mr Hussain asked Maddie "urmh okay sure c'mon Younis let's go have so much fun upstairs away from dad" she said to her brother whilst sticking the tongue out to her dad, we all followed and trailed behind her as she made her way into her room.

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