Forced to love... A Zayn Malik fanfiction

Sometimes you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time.


4. chapter 4

Maddie's p.o.v

I hopped out of the shower, shuddering as the cold air hit me. I grabbed the towel and wrapped it around my body just standing there embracing the warmth the towel was giving me. I removed the towel, i had to get out of here someday. I clasped my red bra together and pulled up the matching knickers. I walked out of the room into my closet to figure what to wear.

After what felt like hours of picking what to wear I came upon a cute little pink summer dress that went just a bit below my knee, I knew my mum would disapprove of me showing my legs being Asian and all so I grabbed a pair of black leggings to match. I made my way over to my dresser to put my make up on and to do my hair. I straightened my hair and left it flat out on my back, it stopped just above my bum, now time for makeup, I didn't wear much just foundation, mascara and lipgloss I like to go for the more natural look. I stroked the brush on my eyelash one more time and grabbed my black heels and headed out my room.

I made my way into the kitchen to see my older sister Nahida had arrived, wow these guest must be special if she had come too. I walked over to her and placed my hands above her eyes "guess who" I said letting out a slight giggle. "Maddie, get your hands off of me" she screeched "well not the way I wanted to be greeted but it'll have to do" I said whilst grabbing her into her a hug. I felt something curve against my stomach I gasped and then pulled away from the hug "how many months are you? And why didn't I know about this" I asked her with a shocked look on my face "haha I guess this is a good time to say 'surprise' I'm pregnant" she said whilst trying to laugh it off "what!" I exclaimed, then pulled her into a hug "well then congratulations to you!" She gave me a warm smile and turned back around to help my mum "Maddie you are looking so beautiful, I thought I'd have to come up there and dress you if you had taken any longer" my mum said whilst chuckling to herself "haha very funny mum and thank you for the compliment" I said whilst giving her a fake smile. She laughed and carried on baking. Damn how much food is she making I'm hungry from just watching her make food better leave the room before I eat all of it literally!

I left the kitchen and walked into the living room "Maddie, sweetie you are looking absolutely gorgeous, look exactly like your mum did when I met her for the first time" my dad said praising me for being the only one who ha turned out looking like my mum, the rest of my siblings had looked like him, I have no idea why. I joined him in the couch, watching whatever he was watching but not really being bothered.

I jumped up from the couch when I realised I still haven't called my best friend yet, the last time I spoke to her was when I dropped her off at her house yesterday! Maybe I could ask mum if she's allowed to come around. I pranced into the kitchen making my way over to my mum "muuummmmm" "yes darling what do you want" she said sighing "can Maheen come over pleasee pretty pleasee" I begged her whilst pouting it worked on her as well sometimes. " sure darling why didn't you say so before" she replied "really?" "Really" she replied whilst laughing "okay thank you love you mum" with that I ran out of the kitchen and up into my room. I grabbed my phone off of my desk and called my bffl (best friend for life) Maheen, her being her obviously answered I the first ring. " hey girlfriend" she shouted through the phone " heyy wanna come over I feel like it's been forever since we've seen each other" I asked her "Maddie you do know we saw each other just yesterday and sure I'll come over be there in 20" "mmmm okay see ya then" I hung up and chucked my phone on the bed hmm what to so for twenty minutes. I brought my hand up to face, my nails look like they could use some colour. I grabbed the pink nail polish and started painting my nails.


I finished off painting my nails and were just waiting for them too dry, I heard a knock at the door and legged it down the stairs. I opened the door and screamed "Maheen it's so good to see you I was so bored without you" I shouted in her face "I'm her madds calm down don't need to shout" she replied whilst laughing at me "let's goo to my room" "hold in let me just say hi to your parents" she said. I followed her into the living room where she said hi to my dad then she made her way into the kitchen were the real fun begins. Once my mum and Maheen start talking they never shut up or let me speak it's always about baking a cake or something. "Hi Mrs Hussain" my mum looked up from frosting her cupcakes "ah Maheen hello darling how's everything? How's your mum?" My my asked whilst giving her a sweet smile " my mums fine and I guess I'm okay too, it's good to be back to Bradford" "and it's good to have you two girls back in Bradford" my mum said then going back to frosting her cake. I walked up to the fridge to grab Maheen and me a drink then signalled Maheen to follow me upstairs.


Me and Maheen were rolling on the floor whilst laughing our asses off at a picture we had taken together in high school. We stopped laughing as we heard a knock at the door. "That must be the guest my mum were talking about" I told Maheen "guest your having guest over I should go then" Maheen said " what no stay my mum said she doesn't mind you being here" I told Maheen she sighed as we both made our way out of the room. We stopped at the top of the stairs to check out the view so far we could see nothing all we heard were voices. It sounded as if there were 5 or 6 men here and 3 or 4 lady's. We climbed lower down the steps and all we could see was heads. My heart stopped as we heard my dad call my name. The two of us rushed downstairs but me being me obviously had to trip over my own feet just as I was on the last step which caused me to fall over making myself look like a complete idiot. I stood up and rubbed the dust off my dress and turned around to glare at Maheen who was laughing her ass off at me instead of helping me. I walked over to dad pretending like nothing happened.

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