Forced to love... A Zayn Malik fanfiction

Sometimes you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time.


40. chapter 39

Maddie's p.o.v

I watched Zayn in awe, I can't believe he just said something like that. Anna puckered up closer to Zayn, it seemed like it was all going painfully slow. Before there lips could meet I got up and ran out the theatre. I ran and ran until I came to our room and let the tears escape there. The tears streamed down my face one by one. I can't believe Zayn would say something like that, they're probably in there right now sucking each others faces off. We've been married for only a day and he's already going and kissing other girls. I jumped up startled from the sudden banging on the other side of the door "Maddie open the door now" Zayn yelled. "No, why don't you just go back to kissing Anna?" I yelled taking a shaky breath. "Why do you care anyways? oh are you jealous, is Maddie Malik actually jealous?" I could tell he was smirking. "Maddie Hussain actually, no why would I be jealous?" I said trying my hardest to stop my voice from letting me down. "Then why are you crying and why'd you run away for?" I stood there thinking of what to say. "I, I, I don't know all I know is I'm not jealous" I was getting a little impatient. "Where's Anna anyways?" Her name felt like poison on my tongue. "She went home" I looked through the door confused. "Home? Why'd she go home for?" Zayn laughed. "I sent her home saying I want some alone time with you" Zayn said seductively. "Yeah well the only alone time your getting is,is" I stopped at 'is' I didn't know what to say next. "Is what?" I sighed in defeat. "Okay I'll open the door but your not aloud to annoy or make fun of me alright?" Zayn was quiet for a second. A second then turned into a minute and he still hadn't replied "Zayn, zayn are you there?" I yelled. "I'm right here" he whispered in my ear. I let out a loud scream, punching him on the arm. "ow what was that for?" He said whilst smirking. I looked up and noticed how close he was standing near me. I stepped back a little to create some space only to have hit the door with my back, since there was no space to move back. Zayn erupted into laughter "why you stepping back for, I don't bite I promise" he whispered into my ear. I felt him come closer pressing his body against mine and leaning down to my neck. He trailed kisses down my neck, stopping on my soft spot lightly biting down on it. I let out a moan and Zayn chuckled, vibrating against my skin. He kissed the soft spot and began trailing more small kisses towards my jaw. Our lips were inches away but Zayn decided to tease me and kissed the edge of my lips, I could feel him smirking on my cheeks as he carried on teasing me. With every kiss he left my stomach seem to explode butterflies, I felt slightly nervous. Sure Zayn and me had done it before but now we're married it seems a bit weird. I couldn't take it anymore I joined our lips together, giving Zayn a shock. My hands wrapped around his neck playing with the his hair tugging it and making him moan into my mouth. He muttered 'jump' into the kiss and I did as told, wrapping my legs around his torso. His hands travelled down my body, resting on my butt. He squeezed my butt making me gasp, he took that opportunity to slide his tongue into my mouth. The two of us battled for dominance, and we broke apart when we heard my phone ring. I breathed fast looking towards my phone "you want to get that?" Zayn asked his voice raspy. I managed to squeak out a quiet yes. Zayn dropped me onto the floor making me land on my butt. "Asshole" I muttered quietly. I walked over to the still ringing phone 'Natalie' obviously she would call now out of all times. "What" I said harshly answering the phone. "Woah what crawled up you ass eh? Anyways I called to say me and the others are coming over tomorrow to stay for the weekend" she said. "The others?" I looked towards the door to see Zayn had left the room. I walked into the living room as Natalie explained who the 'others' were. "Yeah me, younis, Alisha and Nahida" she said in a duh tone. I smiled at the sound of Younis's name, it's been a day since I last talked to him and I miss him already. "Younis his going to be coming, yay is he there can I talk to him please" I heard Natalie groan through the phone. "Hello" a voice I loved spoke through the phone. "Hey, Younis, oh my god I miss you so much" I said getting a bit teary. "You do? I miss you too Maddie, I'm going to be coming and staying so we can have a lot of fun then okay?" He said in his adorable voice. "Of course angel" I smiled. "I have to go now Natalie wants her phone back, bye love you loads Maddie" I chuckled. "Bye love you loads too" the line went dead. I can't wait to see Younis again, I feel like I haven't seen him in forever even though it's only been a day. I entered the living room to see Zayn spread out topless, lying down on the sofa, he looked so cute. Watching the tv without any arrogant look on his angelic face. I was falling deeper and deeper for this guy each day and there he laid with out a clue in the world. Whatever happened upstairs probably meant nothing for him but it meant a lot for me, I love him but I'm just too scared to show it.

I was snapped out of my thoughts when Zayn coughed loudly. "Like what you see" he smirked gesturing towards his topless body. I decided to play along and be flirty with him "I don't like what I see I love what I see" I said winking at him. He burst out into laughter "that was so cheesy, please don't say something like that ever again" he said looking at me seriously. I laughed along and joined him on the couch "move your feet, I wanna sit" I told Zayn. "No, sit on the floor" I glared at him. "I'm not a dog that I'm going to sit on the floor, move your feet" Zayn smirked. "Whatever you say, dog" there he goes again back to his old arrogant self, I knew him being nice wouldn't last long. I glanced down at my uncomfortable clothes I was still wearing my jeans from earlier I need to go change.

I jogged up the stairs into our room. I wandered over to my suitcase that I still need to unpack but who can be bothered. I pulled out a pair of pj shorts that weren't short shorts like yesterday's. In the corner of the room I saw one of Zayn's top lying around and grabbed that, the top was a plain black one. The material was very comforting on my skin and ended mid-thigh. I pulled on the shorts and made my way downstairs. I entered the living room to see Zayn no longer there "Zayn?" I called out. "I'm in here" I heard his voice from a room. "Where?" I heard a door open. Zayn peaked out looking for where I was standing, his eyes landed on me. "In here, what are you wearing?" I looked down at my clothes confused. "What do you mean? I'm wearing a top and shorts anything wrong with that?" I asked taking a step closer to him. He looked me up and down and licked his lips "nope, nothing wrong with that" I smirked. I walked past him entering the room, which is the game room. I don't understand what he needs a game room for, he could just play in the living room. He was playing FIFA in here, what a boring game. I huffed and plopped down on the couch near him "this game is so boring" Zayn looked at me like I was crazy. "What's wrong with you girl, this is such an awesome game" he exclaimed. "Nope it's so boring" I mumbled loud enough for him to hear. He paused the game "lets play together, it's not boring once you actually play it" he said. "Fine, but I don't know how to play" I said. Zayn scooted backwards and spread his legs out, he tapped the space in between his legs "come sit here, I'll show you how to play" I got up and sat down in between his legs. He wrapped his arms around me and placed the controller in front of me. "You have to press this one to shoot, this one to run and this one to pass" he said pressing different buttons. I held onto the controller as well and began pressing the different buttons. The tiny players on the screen were running around, looking crazy. "Your going the wrong way" Zayn yelled in my ear. "I don't know what I'm doing, I give up, I don't wanna play anymore" I said giving up. "Fine, watch me play then" Zayn whispered in my ear. I leaned more into him getting comfortable and watched him play.

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