Forced to love... A Zayn Malik fanfiction

Sometimes you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time.


38. chapter 38

Harry's p.o.v

I woke up to Maheen's angelic face in front of me. Her soft whispers made me feel calm and put me in a slight daze. I felt her stir slightly next to me, she opened her eyes revealing those astonishing hazel eyes. "Good morning beautiful" I whispered placing a kiss on her head. "Morning Harry" she replied yawning slightly. "How'd you sleep, you seemed really tired after that long car journey" I asked her. She giggled "Harry don't worry I slept fine" she said. "Well come on let's get something to eat" I said pushing the duvet of the two of us. "What do we have to can't we just stay in bed and cuddle?" She asked pouting slightly. "I wish we could but nope I'm hungry now come on" she groaned and got out of bed. "So what would you like chef styles to make?" I asked winking. "Hmm what's chef styles good at making?" She asked pondering over different types of food she could have. "Well I make some excellent pancakes if your willing to give those a try?" She nodded her head excitedly "certainly".

After half an hour of flipping and managing to get burnt twice, the pancakes were finally ready. The whole time I had been making pancakes Maheen had been watching me, whilst sitting on a stool by the counter. Every once in a while I would stop and admire her beauty she would chuckle and ask what I'm staring at. After finishing pancakes we decided on just chilling and watching movies together. "What movie?" I asked her. "Ooh something that doesn't include sharks" I looked at her confused. "What sharks are very scary animals okay" I started laughing. "It's alright I would never let a shark hurt my baby" I said pinching her cheeks. "Alright alright now hands off" I chuckled and popped a movie into the DVD player. The movie began and Maheen snuggled in closer to me...

Anna's p.o.v

I knew Maddie was married I was just simply playing dumb in front of her. It was all part of my little 'plan' first I'd be nice to her then she'd invite me to her house. Which she already has done, I didn't think it would be that easy. Once I get there I flirt with Zayn, he realises he got married to the wrong girl and then his all mine. It probably won't take too much work since I've made many boys not wanna be with Maddie but me instead. I'm determined to get Zayn to like me, before Maddie and Maheen got all the guys chasing after them. Well not this time I'll steal her man this time! Last time she got Luke who ended up cheating on her anyways. But the thing was she never got to know who he cheated with. They were having a perfect relationship but she wasn't giving him what he wanted, I was. I was there when ever he needed me, so were other girls but he wanted me the most. He even told me he loved me whilst he was dating her. After a year or so, she finally gave in to Luke and lost her virginity to him. I remember that day, Luke came straight to me afterwards she just wasn't as experienced as I am. I'm sure Zayn feels like that too, any one would. Luke was her only boyfriend and then she somehow got married to Zayn. I felt my phone buzz next to me, oh look who's texting me. 'Hey Anna thought I'd text you my address it's (put in random address) x'. I decided to text her back, I mean I did have to be nice right 'sure be there in five love x'

Maddie's p.o.v

Anna was going to be here any minute soon. I looked at Zayn who was slouching on the couch in front of the tv. "try and be nice please" he looked up at me confused, cocking one of his eyebrow up. "Nice? To who?" I rolled my eyes at him. "You know my friend that's coming over idiot" he smirked at me. "Is she hot?" I looked at him shocked, amazed at what he had just said. I ignored him and just then the door rang. I skipped over to the door Zayn watching my every step. "Hey Anna" I said grabbing her into a hug. "Hey girl, so what's the plan?" She said taking her coat off. "I was thinking movies and we could do each others hair and make up or something?" She lifted one eyebrow up. "Sounds like a good idea" we both laughed and walked into the living room walking past Zayn. "Aren't you going to introduce me to your pretty friend Maddie?" Zayn said, stopping us both from entering the movie theatre. "Urmh Anna you must know who that is, Zayn this is Anna" I stood between the two of them awkwardly. Zayn stood up and walked over to the two of us "hey beautiful what you doing with a girl like Maddie, I mean clearly she isn't to your standards" I held back my tears from falling as Zayn said that. Anna giggled "oh come on your just lying Maddie has always been the prettier one" Zayn shook his head. "Nope you are babe" I coughed slightly. "Right shall we leave now Anna?" She shook her head. "Isn't Zayn going to be joining us?" I looked at her baffled. Zayn wasn't joining us this whole thing was to get away from him and have some girl time "oh only if you want me to, I wouldn't want to be a bother" I scoffed. "Well you will be, now come on Anna" I grabbed her hand. She jerked it back out of my grip "no you won't, come on Maddie agree it'd be so much more fun" I groaned. "Fine only this once" they both yes'd at the same time and then laughed. I rolled my eyes and stormed towards the theatre. I hopped into one of the chairs as both of them entered "I see miss moody turned the movie on already without waiting for us" Zayn said loudly. "Shouldn't have taken forever getting here" they both took a seat next to me. Zayn on my right and then Anna on his right. The movie began and I got more comfortable, munching on the popcorn. Half way through the movie I felt a hand over my shoulder. I look to my right to see Zayn staring at me, I leant closer to him getting more snuggled in. Zayn noticed and pulled me further into him, so much I felt as if I was sitting on his lap. Anna didn't notice she was too busy watching the movie. This felt so right me being in Zayn's embrace, I felt safe and secure for once. I looked up at Zayn and took in his featured like I always do, in the less creepiest way possible. He takes my breath away everytime, his caramel eyes that shine with a slight hint of gold. Those eyes make me go all jelly in the inside. I'm starting to fall deeper and deeper each day for Zayn but he just doesn't seem to notice. I don't think I can keep my act up any longer, I think I'm going to tell him one day. I was pulled out of my trance when the credits of the movie came on to the screen. Zayn leant into me "you like what you see" he smirked. Yes actually I do, I thought in my head "oh please you wish" Anna interrupted us. "If you two love birds are finished what do we do next?" I shrugged my shoulders and gave a look of disgust. "I know truth or dare" Zayn's said out loud. Anna nodded her head and I agreed to, "so who first?" Anna asked. Zayn smiled smugly "Maddie, truth or dare?" I thought for a while. "Truth" I managed to squeak out. "Hmm, is it true you love Zayn?" Anna asked with amusement clear in her eyes. "What no!" I said in disbelief but actually hiding the real truth. "Okay moving on" Zayn said not being affected by my words. "Anna, truth or dare?" Zayn asked Anna. "Hmm I'm gonna go for dare" she said. "Dare yeah? Well I dare you to kiss me" Zayn said.

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