Forced to love... A Zayn Malik fanfiction

Sometimes you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time.


37. chapter 37

Maddie's p.o.v

I woke up and felt a strong muscled arm wrapped tightly around me. My eyes shot open and I let out a scream. I then remembered I actually got married to Zayn yesterday and it wasn't only just a dream. Zayn looked at me like I was crazy "why'd you scream for?" He shouted at me. "I thought yesterday was a dream" I mumbled back. Zayn let out a loud groan "for fuck sake Maddie go back to sleep, it's too early for me to handle your shit" he yelled at me then slumped back into his pillow, showing me his back. I ignored him and stepped out of bed. He turned to face me "where you going?" He said looking me up and down hungrily. I looked down at my self remembering I was short shorts and Zayn's top he let me keep. I tugged the T-shirt down more and grabbed some clothes quickly heading towards the bathroom. I felt Zayn's eyes on my back as I ran into the bathroom slamming it shut.

I came out of the bathroom wearing clothes that fully covered me this time. I was wearing black jeans with a white blouse. I pulled the towel off my hair and decided on letting it air dry. Zayn was still asleep, he looked cute while he was asleep. All his anger seemed to look like it had disappeared, and his cockiness was replaced by a innocent little boy. What am I thinking Zayn never looks cute 'besides now' my conscious reminded me. I mentally told my conscious to shut up and left the room so Zayn wouldn't wake up and think I'm crazy. I walked down the big halls, so many rooms in here I wonder what there all for. I held onto the railing as I stepped a foot onto the glass stair. I felt like a queen walking slowly down the steps, this house is so breath taking and to think Zayn lives here. I wandered around looking for the kitchen everything was so big and spacious around here. I walked into a game room, Zayn's graffiti room and he even has a theatre room. Going to have to pop into that room one day to watch my favourite movies. I finally found the kitchen, that took forever. I managed to find a bowl and some cereal, now the milk. I had to tiptoe slightly to reach the milk. I looked Zayn's fridge over again and decided that I should go grocery shopping today and clothes shopping I reminded my self. I shuddered as I remembered the clothes my mum had packed. I thought over what I should do to those clothes hmm.. Maybe I could burn them, yeah I should burn them.

I marched back up the stair careful not to slip. I walked into the room to find Zayn still asleep, how long does this guy sleep it's almost 12. I slightly skipped over to my phone and picked it up, I remembered one of my uni friends who I thought would be great to go shopping with. I dialled her number and she answered after two rings "OMG Maddie it's been so long how are you?" She shrieked through the phone. I chuckled slightly whilst walking out of the room, just not to wake up Zayn. "Haha I know Anna it's been so long how about we meet up today?" I asked. "Sure when and where?" She giggled through the phone. As you can tell Anna was a very bubbly person that's what I admired so much about her. "Hmm in half an hour I need to go shopping?" I questioned through the phone biting down on my lip. "Sure meet you then girl" and with that she hang up the phone. Right I have half an hour to get ready, well all I pretty much need to do is put on a pair of shoes and put my coat on. I searched through every box, until I saw a box in the corner of the room that had 'shoes' written in big black marker pen. I tiptoed over to it careful not to wake Zayn. I grabbed out the first pair I saw which just so happened to be my cute black flats with bows on it. I slipped them on, grabbing a purse that I had found and placed everything in heading out the room. I walked down the stairs and nearly tripped but held onto the railing to stop myself. I thought of leaving Zayn a note but thought against it, he wouldn't care anyways. I headed out the door and jumped back when I saw the driver walking towards the garage. I ran over to him "hey mr?" I didn't know his name damn. "Mr Rogers but you can call me Mark" he said smiling. I chuckled "Mark could you drive me to the mall please?" He looked at me confused. "Won't mr Malik mind?" He asked. "Mr Malik why don't you just call him Zayn? No he won't mind he probably won't even care" I stated, knowing he wouldn't care as a matter of fact. He nodded his head "hop in ma'am" I looked at him and scrunched my nose. "Ma'am seriously? Just Maddie please" I said smiling at him. He smiled back "okay Maddie let's go shall we?" I nodded my head and enter the car. I didn't really pay attention as to what the car was all I knew was it was some sort of Mercedes. The interior inside was all leather and the car was warm making me never want to leave to go out in that horrible cold british weather.

The car came to a halt signalling we were already here "thank you mark" I said whilst he opened the door for me. "My pleasure Maddie, what time shall I be here to pick you up?" He asked. I shook my head "no need for that my friend will drop me off home" I reassured him. He nodded his head and entered the car driving off. I entered inside the mall, it feels like ages since I've been here. I heard a squeal behind me and turned around to see Anna. We ran up to each other and hugged each other tight. "It's so good to see you Maddie, what you doing back so early in London anyways?" She asked smiling ear to ear. I picked my hand up showing her my hand. She gasped "you got married? What? When? Why wasn't I invited huh?" She questioned me. I laughed "take a break girl we'll discuss this over a fine cup of costa" I said pulling her into costa. After we ordered our drinks, we sat down at a table near the far back. "Spill the beans now girl" she laughed pushing my hand slightly. "Well I -" I was cut off by my phone ringing. I groaned when I saw the caller id, I decided not to answer it and carried on talking. "Well I got arranged and he lived in London so we had to move here right after the wedding" I explained to her. Before she could say anything else I interrupted her "the reason why I didn't invite was because it all happened to quickly, I had no time to invite any one" I said smiling. She nodded her head, understanding "oh well, congrats though" she exclaimed in happiness. "Thank you" I said. My phone ringed again "who's that the husband? Missing you already is he" Anna asked smirking. I rolled my eyes "nope I hate him, I left the house with out telling him, so his probably angry" I said sighing. "What do you mean you hate him?" Anna asked in shock. "Well we don't exactly love each other he hates me and I hate him simples" I said beating my nails on the table. She nodded her head and frowned slightly "well aren't you going to answer it?" She asked pointing to my phone. I groaned "I guess I'll have to answer it at some point" I said chuckling slightly. I picked the phone up and slid my finger across the answer button. "Maddie where on earth are you and why haven't you been answering my text or calls" Zayn yelled through the phone. "Why'd you care anyways?" I asked in a monotone. "I don't but I need to know where you are" he said. "I'm shopping now bye" I said then hung up. "Now shall we?" I asked Anna who was sitting there laughing. She nodded her head and we left the shop.

*after Maddie's done shopping*

Zayn's p.o.v

I can't believe this girl she's still not at home yet. On the first day of our marriage she leaves the house with out telling me. An idea suddenly clicked to me maybe I should tell her parents, yeah that's what I'll do. I ran over to my room and picked up my phone scrolling through my contacts for her parents numbers. After four rings someone finally picked up "hello?" Maddie's dad's voice filled the speaker. "Ah hello mr Hussain" I said smirking. "Zayn? Is something wrong?" He asked. "Oh of course not, it's just that your daughter left in the morning and still isn't back and it's four in the evening and when I tried to call her she ignored me" I said putting on a sad voice. "I see, I'll call her and find out what she's up to" he said. I smirked "thank you ever so much, she has me so worried" I said. "It's fine I'll find out where she is" he said then hung up. That should teach her to walk out on me again in the morning.

*an hour later*

Maddie stormed in through the door, slamming the door close. I bit my lip to hold back my laughter, I focused back on the tv. Pretending like I've been watching it all this time. Maddie stalked over to me and stood in front of me, I looked up at her. "What?" I asked. "Why'd you call my dad for?" She shouted at me squinting her eyes together. "Aw did wittle Maddie get scared?" I said pouting slightly and laughing. "No, why'd you have to tell my dad for? all I did was go and get out and go shopping" she said glaring at me. "You should of answered my phone calls and not been so rude, taught you a lesson didn't it?" I said. She rolled her eyes "whatever, I have a friend coming around in an hour so be nice" she said walking away from me. I grabbed her arm "who said you can invite your friends around hmm?" I asked. She thought for a second "we're married now, we're a couple, we share this house together now, I can invite who ever I want, or should I phone your dad to confirm it?" She asked smirking. She's bringing my dad into it "fine" I said rolling my eyes. She walked away from me heading upstairs, she wants to bring a friend over okay, let her have a friend over, I'll make her never ever want to bring a friend over.

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