Forced to love... A Zayn Malik fanfiction

Sometimes you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time.


36. chapter 36

Zayn's p.o.v

Maddie was trailing behind me, lugging her luggage behind her. I opened the door and stepped aside signalling for her to enter. She entered through the door "where's the bathroom?" She asked. "Down the hall, to your left" I said pointing towards the hall. She nodded her head "actually I'll just get changed in my room, where is it?" She said raising one eyebrow. My eyes opened wider as I realised that we'd have to be sharing a room. "Actually it's not 'my room' it's 'our room" I said gesturing towards me and her. She dropped her luggage as soon as I said that "what do you mean 'our room'?" She said. "Our room as in we'd have to be sharing a room together" I replied in a duh tone. "I know that but why do we have to share" she asked. "I don't know I guess mum wanted us to share a room" I said. She rolled her eyes "well can you show me the room I'm getting really uncomfortable in these clothes" she said. I nodded my head "come on let's o" I said signalling her towards the steps. She walked up the steps and I followed behind her. I could see her heels whilst she walked up the steps picking up her dress slightly, her heels were long how was she walking in those. She dropped her dress as we got to the top of the stairs. As she was doing that she managed to step on her dress causing her to trip and fell back slightly. I managed to catch her in time. She mumbled a quick 'sorry' then got back up and carried on walking. We got to the room and saw all of Maddie's stuff boxed in the room. "When did these get here?" She asked looking at me. I shrugged my shoulders "I don't know, sometime this week I guess" I replied in a monotone.

Maddie's p.o.v

It was starting to become very awkward with Zayn. "I need to change, so if you don't mind can you leave please?" I asked him. He smirked "why were married now why don't I just stay?" He replied sitting down on the bed. "Because I don't want you to stay, so leave please" I replied sternly, pointing towards the door. Zayn began laughing "don't worry I'm not going to look at you, besides I need to change too" he said. "Okay, well dibs on bathroom" I said childishly. "No, my house my rules I get the bathroom" he said, darn him and his rules. "Fine but your not allowed to leave till I knock on the door" I said, glaring at him. "Fine" he said. He walked over to his draw and started rummaging through his draw. I opened my luggage, I knew mum had added something's in here. I was a bit worried what I would see when I opened my luggage. I let out a sigh of relief so far nothing weird was in the suitcase. I took out the 'too cool to dance' top and decided on wearing that. I looked for a pair of my sweats but found none instead I found short shorts. I knew it was too good to be true obviously mum would pack something like that. I heard the bathroom door open and close, meaning Zayn had already entered in there. I groaned and started trying to pull down my zip. Just to my luck I couldn't reach it, before Kayleigh had helped but now I have no one. I'll have to ask Zayn for help, should I risk it or not. I walked over to the bathroom and knocked on the door "you done already?" Zayn shouted through the door. "No I need help with something" I shouted back. I could hear Zayn fiddling with the lock and the door opened "what?" He asked, peering through the side of the door. "I umm need help with my zip" I said shyly pointing towards my back. Zayn smirked and fully opened the door reavealing a topless Zayn. My eyes opened wide at the sight of him, he was amazing. I turned around, so I could stop my self from drooling. I felt Zayn's hand trail down my back as he pulled down the zip. I held onto the front of my dress to stop it from falling. "I'm all done" Zayn whispered in my ear. I turned around and mumbled a quick thanks then hurried towards the bed where my clothes where, Zayn shut the door again. I pulled the top over my head, if landed just mid thigh. I pulled up the shorts and it was shorter than my top, what do I do now. I looked around different boxes for my fluffy socks, until I found a pair of pick ones hidden in the corner of one box. Oh god I forgot Zayn was here to, I rushed over to the door. I knocked on the door "you can come out now" I shouted through the door. I heard footsteps move towards the door and Zayn fiddle with the lock. I moved away for the door walking over to where my purse to look for my phone. I needed to call up Maheen and see how she was settling in with Harry. I must admit I was a bit worried when she first started dating Harry but now I think his good for her. Zayn stepped out of the bathroom, eyes glued to his phone "what took you so long?" He asked not bothering to look up. "Sorry, I kinda forgot that you were in there and I was looking for my fluffy socks so that took time" I replied back feeling a bit guilty. He looked up from his phone and his eyes nearly looked like they were about to pop out. His eyes raked up and down my body, he licked his lips in the process "oh that's fine" he replied his eyes still moving up and down my body. "You wanna know something?" I asked impatiently. "Yh sure" he said his eyes not leaving my body. I walked towards him and stopped just in front of him. I came just below his eyes so I had to look up a bit. "My eyes are up here not down there" I said looking him straight in the eyes. Zayn had nothing else to say so I walked away from him and entered bed to get some well earned deserved sleep.

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