Forced to love... A Zayn Malik fanfiction

Sometimes you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time.


34. chapter 34


Zayn's p.o.v

Today was the big day, I had butterflies all week. If I had butterflies I wonder how Maddie must have felt. I couldn't decide who would be my best man so I chose all the boys instead. Since we were having an Asian wedding I was forced to get into a sherwani (Asian clothes men wear). The boys all stumbled into the room wearing one too. I burst into laughter at the sight of them being uncomfortable. "Yeah yeah laugh all you want! How do you guys wear this stuff" Liam said. I shrugged "I guess we just get used to wearing it" although I'm not going to lie this was really beginning to itch me too. "All right come on boys" my mum said entering the room. "Aw Zayn you look lovely" my mum said getting all teary eyed. "You look lovely too" I said smiling at her. She was wearing a white sari that really made her eyes stand out. She smiled "alright c'mon we've got a celebrity to marry" we all laughed at what my mum said and walked up to the limo that was waiting outside.

Maddie's p.o.v

"Maddie.. Maddie wake up wake up" I heard someone whisper to me. "Hmm give me five more minutes" I mumbled sleepily. All of a sudden I felt freezing cold water fall. I shot up covered in water. I turned to see who the culprit was "Alisha you are dead" I screamed running out of bed. She laughed and made her way downstair into the kitchen and hid behind my mum. "Alisha get out you little scaredy cat" I screamed at her. My mum stopped me and made me drop my hands to my sides "what's going on Maddie and why are you wet?" She asked calmly. "Urgh Alisha that faggot just chucked water all of me" I said trying to reach out for her. "Alright alright stop the two of you Maddie go have a shower the beautician will be here in an hour" mum ordered me. "And Alisha stop being a pain in the ass" mum said to Alisha. I stuck my tongue out at her and she did the same. I stormed upstairs and had a long warm shower to get rid of all the stress.

I hopped out of the shower and put on my lingerie then covered my self with my bathrobe. I walked out to see my clothes and the beautician sitting on the bed. "Hello, my names Kayleigh and I'll be doing your makeup today" she said smiling at me. She had pink hair that looked so cool and blue eyes. "Hi, I'm Maddie" I said holding out my hand for her to shake. "Oh that's not how I do it sweetie" she said laughing then pulling me into a hug. I hugged her back. "Right should we get started" she asked raising one eyebrow. I nodded my head and sat down on the chair in front of the mirror.

After an hour of curling my hair and putting on makeup, then putting on all my jewellery and clothes, I was finally ready. I looked at myself in the mirror, I can't believe this is actually happening. I'm actually getting married. Maheen walked into the room and gasped "you look beautiful" she whispered and pulled me into a hug. "I guess my work here is done" Kayleigh said starting to pack her stuff up. "Hey Kayleigh why don't you come to the wedding I'd really like it if you came" I said. "Really I mean I don't mind coming but really?" she asked. I nodded my head "I'm going to need some extra support" I said whilst chuckling. She nodded her head "well alright I'll come" she said. My mum entered the room along with my three sisters and brother. "Oh Maddie darling you look beautiful" my mother said tears falling from her eyes. My sisters all nodded their heads. Younis ran up to me "Maddie please don't forget me" he begged holding on to my leg. I knelt down and hugged him "how could I ever forgot my little cutie?" I asked tears falling from eyes. "Oh Maddie don't cry or else you won't look pretty anymore" younis said wiping away the tears from my eyes. We all laughed at what he said "okay just for you I won't cry" I said putting on a fake smile. We all hugged and let tears fall openly. "We're going to miss you not being here darling" mum said. "Yeah and I'll miss not having you guys around it's going to suck" I said sighing. "Well your only a drive away love" my sister Nahida said. I nodded my head "doesn't give you the excuse to come to my house all the time" I teased her. We all laughed and Kayleigh fixed my makeup that got ruined from my tears. "Alright come on love let's make our way to the hall" my mum said helping me make my way into the car. I looked at the house one last time, well I guess it's good bye house.


We arrived at the hall and was bombarded by photographers trying to take pictures. Everyone tried to cover me and a security guard made it's way over to me. He held back the paparazzi enabling us to make our way inside. We entered inside the hall and wow it was nice, the hall was nicely decorated and colour co-ordinated blue and white. Blue my favourite colour! Mum lead us to a room where it was just us girls "hey mum why do i have to stay here?" I asked my mum. Mum laughed "eager to see Zayn are we?" She said I groaned at her words. "I'm just kidding, you have to stay separate until they arrive and everyone's finished eating" mum said. "Why?" I asked, mum rolled her eyes at me. "Because it's tradition now shut up" she snapped at me. The girls all laughed at me whilst I went quiet. The door opened revealing David. "David" I shrieked and ran up to him. "Maddie you look so beautiful girl" David said making us laugh. "Oh and Zayn looks good to just to let you know" he said smirking at me. Maheen laughed "Maddie I think I'm going to go out there and cause I'm so nice I'll take a pic for you" she whispered in my ear. I slapped her hand and rolled my eyes at her. Mum and Maheen left the room together. "Well we need to see how good our brother in law looks to now come one David and Kayleigh let's go see the groom" Alisha said. They all left the room leaving me alone with my thoughts.

The door opened and the four boys walked in. "Woah Maddie you look good, Zayn's a lucky man" Harry said. "thanks you boys look really lovely as well although you guys look slightly uncomfortable" I said laughing at them. They nodded their heads "yes their very uncomfortable" Liam said. "So Maddie, how you feeling about moving to London with all of us? Louis asked us. "You guys are coming too?" I asked them. "Yeah we don't live here you know" Niall said laughing. His laugh is really cute. "Sorry I'm just being an idiot" I said blushing slightly. "Hey have you seen Maheen?" Harry asked. I held in my laughter and nodded. "She urmh actually went looking for you" I said. Harry's face dropped "what?" He yelled then ran out of the room. "Something's telling me that Maheen isn't looking for him" Louis said. "Nope she's not I just wanted to see his reaction, did you see his face?!" I said laughing. The boys all joined in "it's going to be a lot of fun with you Maddie" Liam said patting my shoulder. "Yeah fun when you guys are there but hell when your not" I said sighing. "Oh don't think like that Zayn will come around and you'll both fall in love eventually, don't lose hope" Liam said trying to comfort me. "Yh I hope so" I said.

Maheen burst through the door laughing and stopped when she saw the boys. "Hey guys where's Harry?" She asked. Of course that was going to be the first thing she asks. "He just left looking for you" Niall says. "Oh well, you'll never guess what we just did?" Maheen said looking at me. "What did you do?" I ask. "We stole Zayn's shoes and hid them and now to get them back he'll have to pay us" Maheen said laughing. "Where'd you even get the idea of stealing it?" I asked laughing. "Your mum haha" Maheen said laughing even more. She came up to me and whispered in my ear "I'll show you the pictures once they leave" she said. I nodded my head smiling. "Well we best of stand by Zayn, I think he needs company" Louis said leaving with the others. "Bye see you out there" I said. They all nodded then left the room. "Perfect now I can show you" Maheen said taking out her phone from her bag. She clicked the best photo she took and I stared at it shocked. Zayn looked amazing, breathtaking actually. "You know you should really breathe and stop drooling" Maheen said nudging me. "What I am not drooling" I said slapping her hand. "He looks amazing doesn't he?" Maheen asked. I nodded my head "yeah he does wow" is all I could say, I was speechless.

After I was done eating and was just sitting there for another hour, it was finally time for me to go out there. Kayleigh rushed into the room and added some final touches "your good to go girl, good luck out there" she said. I smiled at her words, good luck is what I'll need. "Thanks love" I said pulling her into a short hug. Maheen handed me a bouquet of flowers and hooked arms with me. "It's show time girl" Maheen said punching my arm lightly. The doors flew open and me Maheen walked towards the stage. I could feel everyone's eyes on me as I walked with my head down. I could see from the corner of my eyes Zayn had stood up and so had everyone else had to. I reached the stage and Maheen unhooked her arm, we hugged one last time and it was the longest hug we've ever had. She pulled away and smiled at me showing her dimples. I walked over to Zayn and stood beside him. We then sat down and everyone took pictures. Two rings were bought over in a cute red fluffy pillow. Mum handed me the ring and I placed it into Zayn's finger. Zayn's mum handed the ring over to Zayn and Zayn placed it into my finger. Everyone cheered and I smiled at the crowd. A cake was bought up onto stage. We were handed a knife and the two of us gripped onto it, gently slicing the cake. Zayn picked a piece of cake up and fed it to me. He handed me the cake piece and I fed him too. Everyone aw'ed at us and we smiled. We sat back down and Zayn's mum walked over to me. She pulled out a cute little box and handed it to me "open it darling" she said smiling at me. I opened and gasped, inside was a cute little necklace that had the letter 'z' on it. I smiled at her "thank you I love it" I whispered to her. "Put it on darling I wanna see how it looks on you" she said. I did as told and with a little bit of help from Zayn I put it on, I would've got help from Tricia but she refused to and told Zayn to do it. I thanked her again and she walked off stage.

Now it was time for me too leave. Dad walked onto the stage and held me close to him. I cried into his shoulder. My sisters put me into a group hug and we all cried together. Next was younis "I'm going to miss you little guy" I whispered in his ear then kissed his soft cheek. He kissed me back and started to cry as well. Mum made her way over to me and we cried into each other's shoulders. I held on to mum for what felt like forever until I was dragged away from her and placed into the car. I waved good bye to all of them as the car drove off, tears steaming down my face.

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