Forced to love... A Zayn Malik fanfiction

Sometimes you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time.


32. chapter 32

Zayn's p.o.v

We were all lounging around the sofas and it was getting really boring. "Truth or dare anyone?" Louis asked out loud. "Yes c'mon everyone in a circle" Harry ordered. We all sat in a circle I was in between Maheen and Maddie. I wasn't going to lie but she looked hot in that top, of course she couldn't know that. Louis spun the bottle and it landed on Maddie. Everyone looked at Maddie "truth or dare Maddie?" Louis asked. "Truth" Maddie replied. "Hmm is it true you love or loved Zayn?" Louis asked. Maddie looked at all of us with wide eyes "loved" she mumbled quietly. "What we can't hear you" Maheen teased. "I loved him at one point okay but not anymore" Maddie yelled. Everyone shut up and Louis spun the bottle again. After an hour of truths and dares it was time for the last one. Maheen spun the bottle and it landed on me. "Zayn truth or dare" Maheen asked in a mono tone. So far I had been saying truth but this time I'm going to say, "dare" I said smiling at my decision. Every one smiled "finally you choose dare" Louis said exhausted from running around the house naked. "Okay I dare you too.." Maheen paused thinking of what to say. "I dare you to go upstairs and be locked in the same room with Maddie for at least 10 minutes" she said smirking. Maddie glared at her "what why me?" Maddie asked. "Because your the only one he can't stand here" Maheen replied. We both sighed and made our way into the room, they all followed and locked the door behind us.

Me and Maddie were just sitting down on the bed the two of us on our phones. We haven't talked at all Maddie was playing a game on her phone and I was texting an old mate. Maddie sighed and walked up to the door. "Alright guys it's been over 10 minutes let us out" she shouted through he door. "Sorry no can do, we won't let you out until you two make up" Maheen said as the rest of them laughed. "We have made up were already friends" Maddie yelled back. "Oh c'mon I'm not an idiot Maddie go on make up with Zayn" Maheen shouted to Maddie. Maddie groaned "I guess we'll never leave cause we are not making everything better" Maddie said walking over to the window. She tried opening but failed. "We knew you would try and open it so we locked it" Harry shouted through the door. Maddie groaned and ended up sitting next to me on the bed "there has got to be another way to get out" she yelled in frustration. I kept quiet and Maddie got up and looked at me "your awfully quiet" she said looking me straight in the eye. I don't know what came over me but something did. I smashed my lips on hers and Maddie didn't refuse. The kiss began to deepen. I wrapped my arms around Maddie's waist and she brought her hands to my hair, tugging on it every so often. She tugged a piece of my hair making me moan, she slipped her tongue into my mouth and the two of us fought for dominance. I ended up winning the two of us broke up apart panting for air. "I'm sorry" I said. Although i didn't mean it that was the best kiss I've ever had. "I'm sorry too" she said blushing a little. The door burst open and the others entered "see told you it wasn't that hard, now come on" Maheen said. "It may not have been hard but seems like something else of Zayn's is" Niall said pointing towards my lower region. Maddie's and Maheen's eyes widened and the two of them ran out the room, the rest of the boys were all laughing. "Haha so funny now move out the way and let me go I need to talk to Maddie" I said pushing them out of the way.

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