Forced to love... A Zayn Malik fanfiction

Sometimes you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time.


31. chapter 31

Maheen's p.o.v

Maddie was coming over to stay we were having another sleep over because it could be ages till we have another one. I felt a bit bad though, I accidentally may have invited Harry and the others and they may have accidentally said yes. So I was jus sitting around here waiting for them to come. I was just about to go upstairs to have a shower when I heard a knock at the door. I checked the clock it's only 5 Maddie said she'd be here around half 6. It's probably one of the boys. I walked over to the door and opened it slightly. "Harry?" He leaned against my door frame "the one and only" he said smirking. "Your early" I said. "Couldn't stop myself from seeing you" I laughed at what he said. "Well you stay here, I'm going to go have a shower" I said making my way upstairs. "Can I not join you?" Harry asked smirking. I scoffed "no". I hopped up the stairs and entered my room, heading straight for the shower.

I was in the middle of washing my hair when I felt the shower curtain move. I opened my eyes and Harry was standing there smirking at me. I grabbed the curtain and wrapped my self with it. "Oh c'mon why you hiding" Harry said. "Why are you here I thought I told you to stay downstairs?" I asked him. "Sorry couldn't help myself babe" he chuckled. He stripped out of his clothes revealing a tight fitted boxers with a bulge. My eyes stopped just at the bulge and they widened at the sight of it. I bit my lip to hold my laughter in and decided to tease him. He took off his boxers and entered the shower. I handed him the body wash "what do you want me to do with this?" Harry asked me cluelessly. "I want you to bathe me babes" Harry smirked and poured some wash on his hand. He started gently massaging on the body wash on me. It felt so good especially when he massaged my back I couldn't help but let out a moan. I turn around and let the water rinse of the wash. "Now it's my turn" I said to Harry with a smirk. Harry gulped looking scared of what I may do. I poured some body wash onto my hand and washed Harry's chest. I made my way lower and lower until I reached his dick. By now Harry was panting and his eyes widened at the sight of me on my knees near his dick. He moaned out loud as I gave him a blow job. It was weird at first but I could get used to it. "M,m,Maheen I" he moaned out of pleasure. I sucked a little harder "Maheen I'm about to ahh" Harry said just before he cummed into my mouth. I gagged at the taste of it and then spat it out of my mouth. Harry sighed "that my darling was amazing" I smiled at the thought of being able to give Harry pleasure. We showered then got changed into our clothes, I changed into my onesie and Harry changed into his onesie that he brought along with him.

Maddie's p.o.v

I knocked on Maheen's door. This would probably be the last sleepover we have then I'll be married and gone. Instead of Maheen opening the door Zayn did. Zayn! What's he doing here. "Urmh where's Maheen?" I manage to squeak out. "She's inside" Zayn said in monotone. I pushed past him and entered the living room and saw Maheen, I glared at her as soon as she came eye to eye with me. She signalled for me to follow her and I did. "What are they doing here?" I whisper yelled to Maheen. "I may have accidentally invited Harry and the boys" she said playing with her fingers. "What?! This was meant to be all about us today not them as well" I exclaimed in anger. "I know and I'm sorry" she said grabbing on to my shoulders. "C'mon give them a chance and you'll see that there a lot of fun" I sighed. "Okay just one chance" she clapped her hand in joy and jumped up and down. "Alright let's go get you changed" she ushered me towards the stairs. "Me changed why?" I asked confused. "Just cause the boys are here doesn't mean we don't do our traditional pyjamas and make up first" she said. I nodded my head and we ran upstairs.

After an hour of curling and straightening, also many pictures later. Me and Maheen were finally done. I decided to straighten my hair since it was already curled and Maheen decided to curl her hair. I pulled on the top that Liam had gave me last time I was going to stay over. It said 'cool kids don't dance' I liked it so I was not going to give it back. I pulled on a pair of skinny joggings, then the two of us made our way downstair.

"Took you girls long enough" Louis said. "Sorry we're girls and girls take long to look this good" Maheen said sticking her tongue out at Louis. She took a seat next to Harry and I took a seat next to Louis. "Hey Zayn has a top like that" Louis said pointing to my top. "But it looks better on you" he added. I winked at him "I'll keep that in mind, actually Liam gave me this top the other day" Liam nodded his head. "Well it's mines but since we're going to get married soon you can keep it" Zayn said. "I will keep it" I said back.

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