Forced to love... A Zayn Malik fanfiction

Sometimes you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time.


29. chapter 29

Zayn's p.o.v

I was trying to look for a bathroom but i couldn't find one anywhere. I was stopped by a waiter "sir I was told to give you this" he said handing me a white piece of paper. I nodded my head and took it off of him. I read the note it said 'meet me in closet b2 Maddie' I kept reading the note over and over again to make sure I wasn't seeing things. Maddie what does she want, guess I'll have to see. I made my way over to closet b2 it wasn't that hard to find seeing as in I was in the 'b' area. I twisted the silver handle and entered the room. There was no one here, it was pitch black. "Maddie are you here" I heard laughing. Okay now in getting really freaked out. Someone turned on the light. "Oh Zayn it's not Maddie it's me" I turned to see who was talking of course it was Monica. She really needs to get over me. "What do you want?" She smirked. "Oh you know what I want" I rose my eyebrow kinda confused. "No I actu-" she cut me off by pushing herself on top of me and smashing her lips on top of mine. I wasn't kissing back though, I was trying to push her off. She had a strong grip she wouldn't let go of me, I tried pushing her off harder but failed. She stopped when she heard laughter. Louis oh my god his like a life saver right now, I pushed her out of the way and ran to Louis. "What's happening over here?" Louis asked already knowing the answer. "Me and Zayn were just having a little fun weren't we Zayn?" She said looking at me whilst folding her arms together. "No, we weren't your crazy get away from me, never come near me again" I exclaimed, baffled at what just happened. Louis laughed again "c'mon Zayn it's nearly time to perform" Louis said dragging me along. "This isn't over Zayn" she sneered at us. "Oh it was over 6 years ago" I sassed back. She grunted then stormed out of the closet storming past me and Louis. "Thanks for saving me bro" Louis looked at me and laughed "it's fine you looked like you were struggling. I nodded my head and shuddered she just really freaked me out. The two of us made out way over to the stage where the other boys were waiting to perform. We were singing a song and we HAD to dedicate to Maddie, mums rules. After a lot of thinking we decided on half a heart.

I sat in between the boys "hello can I have your attention please" all the chattering in the hall quietened down. Everyone looked towards us "this is a song we'd like to dedicate this song to Maddie" i said through the micro phone. "Oh and Maheen" Harry added. We all turned to look at him and laughed he just shrugged.

Maddie's p.o.v

I was shocked Zayn was singing a song and that as well it's dedicated to me. Just as they were about to start singing the doors opened..

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