Forced to love... A Zayn Malik fanfiction

Sometimes you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time.


25. chapter 25

Maddie's p.o.v

I woke up with the worst headache ever, it's probably since I was crying all night yesterday and ended up crying myself to sleep. I wanted to listen to their song that's my favourite but I decided against it.

I hopped out of bed and jumped into the shower I first washed my body then shampooed and conditioned my hair. I then re-applied shampoo and conditioner because it's a habit. I turned off the shower and grabbed my bath robe wrapping it around my self. I walked over to my closet thinking over what I should wear for today. I should wear something that'd be easy to take off since I'll be trying on clothes today. I looked outside the window seems like a nice day if not I'll just wear a jacket or cardigan. I grabbed a black top that said 'hipsta please' on it and a black skater skirt. I decided not to wear leggings or tights just to annoy my mum. I grabbed my doc Martin boots and a leather jacket. I didn't feel like doing much too my hair so I left it to air dry and left it cascading down my back.

I walked downstairs and found Trisha and Zayn already here. My mum noticed me first "oh your up I though have to come wake you up" I glanced at Zayn who wasn't even looking at me. What was he even doing here anyways, I thought the 'groom' isn't allowed to see the brides dress until the wedding. My sister Alisha came downstairs "oh Maddie your here and ready, should we go now mum?" Mum nodded her head. "Alisha sweetie you come with us, Maddie will go with Zayn and the others" I looked at mum and widened my eyes, she's obviously doing this on purpose. "Why do I have to go with Zayn why can't I just come with you guys?" I asked my mum. She narrowed her eyes at me "because you and Zayn have a lot to talk about, don't you?" I stomped down the hallway and made my over to Zayn's car. Inside the car I saw Liam, his probably here to help Zayn pick his clothes. "Hey Liam" I greeted Liam when I got in at the back of the car there is no way I am sitting at the front. "Hey Maddie, why don't you sit up front?" I scoffed "oh please I do not want to even be in this car let alone sit right next to him". Liam laughed at what I said "you two are going I make quite the couple" I rolled my eyes my playfully at him "oh the best" I said speaking in a high pitch voice. "What are we waiting for anyone?" I asked Liam realising we haven't moved and that Zayn is still not in the car. "Oh the other guys are coming so were just waiting for them and when they come that's my cue to leave" my head shot up to look at him. "Leave?" I asked tilting my head to the side. "Yup your mum wants you two alone, so you two alone will happen" I just stared at him showing no expression. "That's why you told me to move to the front" he nodded his head and as if on cue the rest of the boys were parked in my driveway. "Well see you later Maddie, try not to kill each other" I laughed at what he said. "I can't promise anything" I said winking at him. He rolled his eyes at me "whatever Maddie". I looked out the window and saw the other boys waving at me, I waved back then slouched in my seat. Zayn came into the car and I immediately shot up and sat straight. He looked back at me then shook his head. "why didn't you just sit at the front" he asked me, I decided against answering and simply just give him the silent treatment. "Silent treatment really?" I still didn't speak. He sighed "whatever". We were finally moving after what felt like hours. I kept my stare on my phone and every few seconds I could feel Zayn's eyes on me. I had to force my self to keep my fingers and eyes to stay down.

We arrived at the shop and the boys went a different way from us. Here's the start off a long day eh.

After what felt like hours and hours of looking at Asian clothes to wear I came across one dress I absolutely adored. It was a dress but it had Asian design to it and everything was covered in sequins and nice shiny diamonds. I came out from behind the curtains and kept my eyes down "hey mum I think I found the dress". I looked up and saw the boys were all their and all there mouths were wide open. Louis nudged Zayn whilst smirking at him. My mum burst into tears "oh my baby's growing up so fast I cant nope you look beautiful this is definitely the one" she said squealing and clapping he hands together. We payed for the dress and excited the shops. Mum apparently announced that we all have to go with who we came with well I'm fucked.

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