Forced to love... A Zayn Malik fanfiction

Sometimes you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time.


24. chapter 24

Zayn's p.o.v

I couldn't believe what I just heard. I slammed open the door, smashing it against the wall. "YOU ONLY KISSED ME BECAUSE YOU WERE DARED?" Maddie looked at me shocked "YOU WERE EAVESDROPPING ON OUR CONVERSATION WHO DOES THAT?" Maddie screamed back. "ACTUALLY I WSS GOING TO COME APOLOGIES BUT FUCK THAT SHIT" I yelled back. "I DONT NEED YOUR APOLOGY ANYWAYS YOU KNOW WHAT I DONT EVEN REGRET THAT DARE ANYMORE YOU DICK!" Maddie screamed at me. "OH YEAH AND WHY DID YOU REGRET IT ANYWAYS?" I shouted at her moving closer too her with every word said. "BECAUE I ACTUALLY THOUGHT FOR THE FIRST TIME AFTER THE FIGHT THAT I LOVED YOU AND I REGRET FOR ONLY KISSING YOU FOR A DARE NOT MEANINGFULLY!" I stared at her shocked. Tears were running down her cheeks "But I don't think that anymore because your just a dick" I laughed at her "how pathetic and you think I'll just love you back because you love me? Oh wow please grow the fuck up this ain't high school! Because of you I broke up with the love of my life and you think I'll love you?". Liam spoke for the first time ever since this argument between us "c'mon Zayn you don't mean that". I looked at him "oh but I do mean it" I said being serious. "You know what Liam his right I am pathetic how could I think that a dick head like him will ever love me I was just being stupid" she looked back at me. "Your right this isn't high school I was just being an idiot and thinking it could actually work" she sighed. "Can you just drive me home please Liam?" She asked Liam. He nodded his head "are you sure won't your mum be mad?" She shook her head "don't worry I'll come up with something". I looked at her still shocked with with the fact she said she loved me. Then I noticed she was wearing one of my tops, the cool kids don't dance top. I was going to say something but decided against it, she looked good in it I'm not going to lie about that so she might as well keep it. Liam and Maddie headed out the door leaving me in my own thoughts.

Maddie's p.o.v

Urgh his such a dick and to think I actually thought that I was beginning to love him. Liam looked at me once in a while. I was still crying what he said really hurt me, I just pretended to be unaffected in the inside it was killing me. We pulled up in front of my house "are you sure you wanna go in I can just drive you to Maheen's if you want?" Liam asked me. "No it's fine you've done enough for me thank you" as I was about to leave Liam stopped me. "Don't worry over what Zayn said too much his just being an idiot love" I smiled at him. "Idiots not the word you use it's dick" he laughed. "I can't call him that his my friend" I laughed along with him. "Well I better get going see you another time thanks for the lift" I said to Liam. "Oh no problem love anytime" I walked towards the door after Liam said that. I forgot my keys at Maheen's house so I had to knock. My mum opened the door and pulled me in "Maddie darling what's wrong?". She followed me into the living room and sat down next to me.

After explaining everything to my mum she just scolded me then took Zayn's side. "I'm sorry love but you should say sorry to Zayn, poor boy he hasn't even done anything to get beaten up and screamed at by you" I rolled my eyes at her comment. "Whatever mum I'm going to bed" I said getting up. "Okay but make sure you get up early we are going wedding shopping tomorrow" my mum said clapping her hands together. I decided not to say anything but just to nod my head. I was too tired answer and I had a massive headache so arguing with mum would just make it worser.

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