Forced to love... A Zayn Malik fanfiction

Sometimes you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time.


22. chapter 22

Maddie's p.o.v

We entered the club easily since their one direction and all. We all sat at a booth together. Niall got up "I want a drink anybody else?" I raised my hand up along with the rest of them. "Any specific drinks" Niall asked again and looked at each of us. "No not really" I replied and so did pretty much every one else.

Niall arrived with all out drinks "here you go" he said placing a pinky shade of drink in front of me. I looked up at him and raised one eyebrow up at him. He gave me an innocent look "what try it, it's good trust me" I shrugged my shoulders and tasted it anyway since today all I wanted to do was have fun. I took a sip of the drink and felt it burn down my throat. Mmm this tasted good I gulped down the rest of the drink. I looked straight at Maheen when I heard mine and Maheen's favourite song come on. Me and Maheen started singing along to it "I look up in the mirror, the mirror look at me, the mirror be like baby you the shit you the shit!" I squealed then grabbed Maheen's hand "c'mon your coming to have a dance with me" the two of us made our way over to the crowd of sweaty bodies leaving the boys alone on the table and began dancing like idiots.

Zayns p.o.v

We watched the girls dance from the booth. Harry stood up "that's it Maheen looks to sexy dancing like that if I don't go fuck her now, some one else will I wouldn't want that would I now?" He said leaving us whilst laughing, drunk idiot. I watched Harry grab a drunken Maheen and leave Maddie dancing by her self. Maddie seem to notice she was too wasted she grabbed another drink, she needs to stop or else she'll pass out. I kept my eyes on her as I made my way into the crowd of sweaty and drunk bodies. I must admit she looks really hot today but she can't know that and she looked super sexy dancing like that. Before I could reach her I saw she had stopped dancing and was staring at some guy in shock.

Louis's p.o.v

I was sitting at the bar with Niall who was drunk as fuck when I heard a group of people chanting 'fight fight'. Hmm wonder who that could be? I told Niall to stay put and he nodded and laughed unlike him I was still sober I didn't want to drink much today wasn't in the mood. I walked closer to the crowd and saw a drunken Maddie shocked and in tears. I looked at who was having fight it was Zayn and some random guy. What wait who is that? I got in between the two of them and saw Liam run over. The two of us managed to pull Zayn off of that guy. "No let me have him who does he think he is" Zayn screamed. Liam dragged him to the car and I went I to go grab Maddie. I walked over to see that same guy that was fighting Zayn was talking to Maddie. "Maddie I'm sorry I didn't mean to break your heart or cheat on you please take me back I love you" I stepped in between the two of them. "I think It'll be better if you stayed away from Maddie and us okay" I said looking at him in disgust. I turned around and grabbed Maddie's wrist and pulled her along with me. "If I can't have Maddie then no one can an i'll make sure of that" I heard him shout to me. I turned around and showed him the middle finger. I grabbed Niall along the way and made my way back to the car were Liam and Zayn were. I knew Harry was probably at Maheen's house so I decided to take Maddie back to ours just to stay for tonight.

Harry's p.o.v

I drove Maheen back home. God I cannot wait to fuck her. As soon as I pulled up in to her drive way I ran over to her side and literally pulled her out of the car. "Alright not so fast or I'll fall" Maheen said whilst giggling. I blushed then picked her up bridal style and walked over to her front door. "Where's your keys babes?" I asked her. "Look in my purse" I opened up her purse and sure enough they were in their alright. I opened the door and closed it shut with the back of my foot. "I know what you want" Maheen whispered sending shivers down my back. I felt myself harden that's it I can't take it anymore. I ran upstairs into her room and chucked her onto the bed. I brought myself down to her level and smashed my lips onto hers. It was nothing like our other kisses this one was filled with just lust. I pulled her zipper down and ripped her dress off of her, leaving her in just knickers and a bra. I gasped when I saw what she was wearing 'red laced bra', I felt myself harden even more I couldn't take it anymore I undressed myself then unclasped her bra and then took off her knickers. I slid on a condom and inserted into her hard. She let out a loud moan and I quickened my pace. She flipped me over so she was in control now. I felt her grind on me. She started off slow and then quickened her pace. The two of us couldn't handle it anymore and I spilled into the condom. I felt her land right next to me. I looked over to her and smirked. She came closer and cuddle into me. I pulled the blanket over the two of us and we fell asleep.

Liam's p.o.v

Maddie was sober now and Niall he was a little sober but still drunk. We sent Niall to bed as soon as we came home. He whined a little but eventually made his way up. I entered the living room to find Maddie crying tears falling down her angelic face. Louis was upstairs trying to talk to Zayn I figured I'd let him to that. I sat down next to Maddie and she turned her head to look at me, she ruined her tears. "Sorry I didn't realise you were here" she said her voice sounding raspy. " nah it's cool, do you wanna talk about it?" I asked unsure of what she'll say. She nodded her head and I pulled her in for a hug. I noticed how uncomfortable she looked in that dress "would you like to borrow a top and jogging bottoms to wear?" She nodded her head "okay but I don't want to be that big of a bother" I frowned at what she said. "Bother oh your not a bother in fact it's the least I could do as one of your future brother in law eh?" She giggled at what I said. "I'll be right back" I walked into my room and grabbed a pair of jogging bottoms. I found a top that said 'cool kids don't dance' it must be Zayn's oh well might as well give it to her. I walked back down and handed her the clothes she walked into bathroom. She came out a few minutes later with the clothes I gave her on. Awww she looks like a little cutie the top and trousers are too baggy on her making her look even more adorable. She sat back down next to me and turned to face me then crossed her legs. "Well that guy that Zayn had a fight with was"....

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