Forced to love... A Zayn Malik fanfiction

Sometimes you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time.


20. chapter 20

Zayns p.o.v

I woke up and my back was killing seems like everybody's going to be in pain today. I walked into the kitchen to find Maddie making pancakes I though I smelt something nice. She turned around and jumped. "Sorry I didn't to startle you" I said with a small smile. "No it's fine, didn't think you'd be the type to wake up so early" she said going back to making pancakes. "I'm not I just had a backache so I woke up" she nodded her head and flipped over the pancake. We stayed in silence it was getting really awkward.

Louis p.o.v

I woke up and saw that Maddie and Zayn weren't there. Then I smelt pancakes I'm guessing one of them is making pancakes. I heard my tummy rumble looks like my tummy wants some of that pancakes. I walked into the kitchen but then stopped. Zayn was teaching Maddie how to flip a pancake up in the air. The two of them would make a really good couple they just need to put their egos aside and see that they love each other. That's why we made Zayn do the dare to show he actually does love or at least like her. He had both of his arms wrapped around her as they both held the pan together Maddie looked at Zayn and they met eye to eye. Zayn started moving in closer, well I would hate to break a perfect moment so I...

"Mmm what smells so good in here" they both moved away from each other and looked towards me. Maddie blushed and pretended to go back to making pancakes Zayn stood there looking at his feet. " oh you know Maddie's making pancakes I was just teaching her how to flip it up in the air" Zayn said. I bit down on my lip to hold my laughter in "oh okay call me when there done" and I walked out of the kitchen. I walked into the living room to see that Liam and Niall were awake. "Where's Zayn and Maddie" Liam asked me. "oh you know there making pancakes" Liam nodded his head. Niall walked over to Harry and kicked him on his arm "wake up sleepy head" Harry groaned at the pain and got up to kill Niall but saw Maheen was still asleep on him. He calmed himself down and showed Niall the middle finger. " I'll get you for that later watch out" Harry whispered. Niall laughed and made his way over to the kitchen. Liam and me followed him leaving a sleeping Maheen and an annoyed Harry in the living room.

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