Forced to love... A Zayn Malik fanfiction

Sometimes you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time.


2. chapter 2

I entered my room, looks exactly like how I had left it two years ago.. But eww it's smells like someone died in here! I walked up to my second older sisters room Alisha and knocked on the door "come in" she shouted. I entered the room to find her painting her nails "ahh Maddie your back, how are you? How was university? Meet any cute boys?" I stood there listening as she exploded more questions on me. " yh it was amazing and no I didn't meet a boy for goodness sake" I say interrupting her. "I came here to ask if you have any scented candle my room smells like someone died in there" I asked her "yh I do, gimme a second" she carefully stroked her thumb once more with the brush before placing it back into the pot and standing to grab the candle. "Here you go it know you'll like this scent the best" she was right strawberry and blueberry is my favourite scent. I gave her a smile an thanked her before exciting the room.

I entered my room and lit the candle, leaving it on top of my desk to fill the air with its amazing scent.


I jumped into bed with exhausted from unpacking all my stuff. Boy did I have a lot of stuff! What I'm a girl I have needs don't judge me. I laid in bed staring at the ceiling.

I shot out of my trance when I heard my dad shout my name "Maddie, Maddie dear where are you?" I rushed out of my room to be find my dad ready with his arms open waiting for me to jump right into them. I engulfed him into a bear hug "hey sweetie how was uni? It's good to have you back home" he asked with a smile that never failed to make me smile too. "It's good to be back home I missed everyone here London was just too far away from home!" My dad sighed "well Bradford better be ready because Bradford's beauty is back in town" my dad shouted I laughed at his joke before throwing on my pout face that always helped me get what I want from him "that's not funny dad" "sorry but it is for me sweetie" my dad said whilst laughing. I shot him a glare then walked straight into the kitchen to find my mum baking all sorts of foods.

"Hey mum you need any help you look like you could use some help" i asked whilst walking to the fridge to grab a drink "no I'm fine all I need is for you too be showered and dressed in your best clothes" my mum told me with a grin on her face "why who's coming?" I asked her she just simply smiled and said "special guests" hmm I wonder who that could be oh well I'll just have to wait and see I should probably go do as told now!

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