Forced to love... A Zayn Malik fanfiction

Sometimes you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time.


19. chapter 19

Harry's p.o.v

I helped Niall move the coffee table from the middle and we all sat down, well sort of. Maheen and Maddie came down with a couple of blankets and chucked them on top of the five of us covering our heads. "Hey that's not nice" Louis exclaimed playfully. "Who said I was ever nice eh?" Maddie replied wriggling her eyebrows. Louis shakes his head whilst laughing. "Alright have you boys chooses a movie yet?" Maheen asked plopping down next to me then cuddling up to me. "Yup" I said popping the p. "I'll go get the popcorn then" Maddie said annoyed at the fact no one else was moving. "Bring it quick" Niall yelled to her. "Shut it Horan or no popcorn for you" she shouted back. Niall pouted as we all laughed at his cuteness.

Maddie returned ten minutes later with two bowls of popcorn. Niall jumped up as soon as he saw her enter. "Nu'uh Horan none of this for you or any of you it's all for me" Maddie said smirking. Niall pouted "please you know you want to give me some". Maddie awed at his face "well who can resist that face eh?" Maddie said Niall blushed. "Well unlucky for you I can" Maddie said making Niall look up in shock. "Alright enough of torturing Niall give him the popcorn" Zayn said. His always looking out for Niall ain't that cute! Maddie handed Niall the bowl then joined us on the floor and sat down right at the end next to Maheen.

Maheens p.o.v

We were only 10 minutes into the movie and I was already squealing into Harry's shoulder. Harry pulled me in closer to comfort me. I wish I could stay like this forever but I can't. I looked up at Harry he really was so breath taking wasn't he. "You like what you see" Harry whispered into my ear sending shivers down my spine. "No,not really" I said letting out a little giggle. Harry looked at me shocked and gasped "your not being serious are you" I laughed at his reaction. "If you two lovebirds are done can you shut up so we can carry on watching the movie" suddenly Maddie said scaring the living daylights out of me and from the looks of Harry him as well! Darn leave Maddie to ruin perfect moments.

Maddie's p.o.v

I tried to hold in my laughter as I heard Maheen's and Harry's conversation. Okay now their just making me feel sick. I interrupted them so they could shut up but they carried on. That's it I'm moving places. I got up and saw that the only available place was next to Zayn and I'd have to share a blanket with him. Oh well as long as I don't have to hear them talk I'm fine. I sat down next to Zayn keeping a lot of space between the two of us. He leant over and whispered "you know I don't bite?" I looked up at him confused. He gestured between the space between the two of us. Ah that's what his talking about. "I know but you may not be able to control yourself if I come to close" I laughed at my joke, I'm hilarious. Zayns mouth dropped but he quickly recovered him self. "I can control my self why don't you just move up so we don't look like were avoiding each other. I nodded my head slightly, then I moved in closer too him. I laid my head on his shoulder and he laid his head on top of mind, I felt butterflies explode in my stomach just how it was every time I kissed him.

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