Forced to love... A Zayn Malik fanfiction

Sometimes you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time.


18. chapter 18

Zayns p.o.v

As soon as Maddie and Maheen were in the kitchen they boys looked at me. "You remember the dare right?" Harry asked me. "Yes but what if she is a total bitch too me?" I asked just in case I can get out of it. "Then you ignore her bitchiness and be nice to her duh" Louis said in a tone that said obviously. We all stopped talking when we heard the kitchen door open and went back to pretending like we were watching tv.

The two girls entered the living room. Maheen darted her way over to Harry and cuddled up to him. Aww well don't they look cute together. Maddie stood by the door awkwardly wondering where to sit. I felt my phone vibrate on my lap. It was a text from Louis? What he was only sitting over there. I opened it anyway 'ask her to sit next to you and if you don't remember the forfeit'. I shuddered at the thought of the forfeit I had to upload nudes on to the internet if I didn't agree to do the dare. I cleared my throat "why don't you come sit next to me Maddie?" She looked at me confused. Maheen gave her a look she let out a grunt then came and sat next to me. She lifted her legs up so her head was leaning on her knee and leaned into me closer. I gave her more room to sit, so she wasn't practically sitting on my lap. She relaxed a little and began watching the movie with us.

My arm began to ache after a while I needed to move it from the cross armed position. I placed my hand over Maddie's shoulder. Surprisingly she leaned in even more closer, she even placed her head on to my shoulder. I would look down on her every once in a while but she was too interested in the movie too notice. She was laughing at some funny part of the movie, she looked cute when she laughed but the noise she made was unusual. I leaned my head on her head and the two of us stayed in that position for a while. It felt so wrong yet so right at the same time.

Once the movie finished we all looked at each other clueless as too what to do. Suddenly Louis screams "I know let's play truth or dare" we all muttered a yes or yeah. Maheen went and grabbed a bottle then took her seat next to Harry. I sat in between Louis and Maddie. Maheen spun the bottle and it landed on Niall. "Niall truth or dare" Maheen asked him. "Truth" Niall replied boldly. "Is it true you had a crush on Maddie when you first saw her?" Harry asked. Niall blushed "yeah sorta but I stopped liking you once I found out you were marrying my best mate. I smiled at Niall but I felt anger boil inside of me. What is happening to me I don't care it's just a dare I repeated in my head. "Aww nialler that's so sweet! To be honest I would've preferred you instead of Zayn" I head Maddie say. What nialler since when. Maheen coughed and gave Maddie a glare. Maddie just put her head down as Niall blushed a deep shade of red. "Alright guys enough of that let's spin that bottle" Liam said trying to stop the awkward tension that was about to form.

After several spins and crazy dares such as Maheen and Harry having to go upstairs for a while then Harry coming back with messy hair later, it finally landed on me. I gulped as Louis asked me truth or dare. Like a complete I said "dare". Louis smirked, not just a smirk an evil one. I felt my mouth go dry. "I dare you to go in that closet and have seven minutes of heaven with Maddie" I gave him a glare. Maddie however looked shocked, I wasn't really scared I was expecting Louis to say something like that. I got up and held a hand out for Maddie to help her get up. We both made our way into the closet.

Maddie didn't hesitate to grab me. She smashed her lips on to mine. I pulled her closer to me and she tugged at my hair. I let out a moan. She slipped her tongue into my mouth just then. We both fought for dominance but I ended up winning haha ;). I bit down on her bottom lip causing her too moan. Woah Maddie sounds sexy moaning. We pulled away from each other after what felt like hours. That was weird Maddie took control of everything. I thought seven minutes would go by of both of us standing here just silent. I guess Maddie had other plans. We both made our way out of the closet and rejoined the circle. "Woah guys that was more than seven minutes and was that moaning we heard?" Louis asked laughing at the two of us. Maddie blushed and put her head down her hair covering her face. "I'm guessing from the state off Zayn they really did do seven or more than seven minutes of heaven" Harry said whilst giggling at us like a little kid. But what he said was true it did feel like heaven and more than seven definitely!

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