Forced to love... A Zayn Malik fanfiction

Sometimes you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time.


16. chapter 16

Maheens p.o.v

I can't believe Harry just called me and said that my insides did a flip in my stomach when he said he loved me. I called Maddie over today too keep up our college tradition. In college every Friday we would have a movie night and eat a whole load of food ah those were the days man!

It was a around five in the evening and I heard a knock on the door Maddie must have arrived. "Hey babes" i said whilst opening the door for her. "Hey Maheen styles you are going to have to tell me all he gossip later on" she said whilst clapping her hands together. "Oh styles seriously, I'm not the one get married and becoming mrs Malik" I stated. "Hey I'm getting married to him against my own will!" She said sticking her tongue out at me, oh how childish she can be at times.

We jumped on to the sofa. "Alright how about truth or dare like the old days?" I asked. "But theirs only two of us she said confusion clearly stated in her sentence. "Yes and if the bottle lands anywhere on your side it's your go and if it lands around me you get the point" I said laughing as she nodded her head eagerly. "Alright let's spin this bottle" I span the bottle and it landed in my area. Maddie smirked "alright Harry styles girlfriend truth or dare?" I looked at her nervously Maddie's dares were the worst and so were her forfeits. "Truth" Maddie thought for a while "hmm is it true you have had sex with Harry". I felt myself go red and I nodded my head "WHAT AND YOU DIDNT TELL ME?" Maddie yelled angry at the fact I didn't tell her. "I was going to tell you tonight! " Maddie sat back down. "Oh okay good Maheen" she said patting my head like a dog. We both laughed and then i span the bottle again. This time it landed on Maddie. "Maddie truth or dare babes" Maddie pretended to to think about it. "Hmmm I think I'm gonna go with no, yh I'm gonna go with DARE!" She screamed dare as loud as she could. "Okay that's all you had to say" I said shooting her a glare. Hmm what could I dare her to so I know. I lifted one eyebrow up and looked straight into her eyes "I dare you to act intimate with Zayn up until your honeymoon that's if you are going to one" she repeated the same action as me "deal". "Hey I just realised what you said pfffttt I ain't going on any honeymoon with Zayn please the only honeymoon were going too is London that's it!" She said letting out a huff afterwards. I laughed at her actions and we carried on playing truth or dare for half an hour.

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