Forced to love... A Zayn Malik fanfiction

Sometimes you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time.


15. chapter 15

Niall's p.o.v

We heard the door open then close Zayn and Harry entered the living room. "You two came home late, where'd you go Zayn your mum said you went clubbing?" Liam asked the two of them. "You went clubbing without us what?". Zayn started laughing "oh please clubbing was just an excuse me and Maddie got it on!" We all stared at him in shock. "So you and Maddie had sex before your marriage or anything was settled?" I asked Zayn suprised by his reply. "Hey his not the only one me and my GIRLFRIEND Maheen got it going on tonight as well" Harry said emphasising the word 'girlfriend'. "What you and Maheen are going out already? I swear it's only been a week or so since you've known her" Louis asked probably worried that Harry may break her heart. "Yh Maheens something special, I think she might be the one guys, when I think of her I get butterflies and she makes me feel all fuzzy inside when I'm next to her" he smiled probably remembering Maheen. Sigh if only I could have a girlfriend but I also think I want to remain a single pringle forever haha! We all went back to watching the movie stepbrothers oh man how much I love this movie!

Louis's p.o.v

I jumped up when I felt my phone vibrate in my back pocket. I grabbed it out of my pocket. It was Eleanor she had sent me a text saying how much she missed Aw well ain't that cute. I decided to reply back and say I'm missing her too. I looked up from my phone and saw Harry, Zayn and Liam on their phones too and Niall was just laughing his arse off at the movie stepbrothers. I swear this boy had watched stepbrothers at least over 50 times and he still laughs every time. What are we ever going to do with this Irish boy eh?

Liam's p.o.v

I was texting Sophia and looked up from my phone, looks like most of the guys were on their phones too well besides Niall his just being well Niall. I walked out of the room and decided to grab more popcorn. I entered the room to find the boys sitting in a little circle. "Hey Liam you wanna play truth or dare we got bored and this is all we could think of doing" Niall told me "i suggested it" Louis screamed. I placed the bowl down on to the table and joined them in the circle.

Harry's p.o.v

Louis spun the bottle and of course it just had to land on me. Louis smirked at me "truth or dare styles?" Louis asked me. I contemplated at first but then bravely replied "dare". Louis thought for a second then said " I dare you too.. I dare you too call Maheen and tell her all the things you told us". I stared at him with wide eyes. I could barely ask her out so how could I tell her all of that! "What's the forefit?" I asked scared to do the dare. " you have too.. Lick the bottom of my foot" Louis stated with a smirk. Damn I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and dialled Maheen's number. After two rings Maheen answered I placed it on loud speaker like Louis had signalled for me to do. "Hey babe what's up?" Maheen asked letting out a yawn after wards. " hey honey I know this is weird for me to be calling you know and telling you this but I can't keep it any longer, Maheen you are everything to me, every time I think of you I get butterflies, every time I'm near you I get all fuzzy in the inside... I don't know what this feeling is and it's driving me crazy I think I think I'm in love with you!" There was no reply on the other end. "Babes you there?" I asked unsure if I have just scared her away or not. " yh I'm here" she sniffed a little. "Are you crying babes?" I asked worried what did I say wrong I didn't say anything wrong did I? "I'm crying because no guy has ever said that to me or ever made me feel this special" I let out a sigh of relief. Wow that just lifted off a weight load of tension "well babes you sound tired why don't you go to sleep and we can meet up tomorrow okay?" I told her "hmm okay night love you Harry" aw she said she loved me "love you too babes".

Zayn's p.o.v

We all burst out laughing after Harry hung up "alright guys it's not that funny roll that damn bottle again!" He said pouting out his bottom lip. We all composed ourselves and got back together into the little circle. This time Harry spun the bottle and it landed on me. "Truth or Zayn?" I didn't hesitate to reply back to Harry "dare". He smirked then said "I dare you to act like your in love with Maddie up until your honeymoon".

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