Forced to love... A Zayn Malik fanfiction

Sometimes you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time.


14. chapter 14

Maddie's p.o.v

After telling both our mums were going clubbing together to spend some 'quality time together' we were making out way to a hotel. To be honest I was a bit nervous and regret replying like that to Zayn. I don't want to have sex with him not that I've never had sex before I have but I'm scared what If I'm not experienced for Zayn. Who am I kidding I'm scared at the fact I'm about to have sex with Zayn! I can't back out though he'll make my life a living hell and keep using it against me. I was dragged out of my thoughts when I felt my phone buzz on my lap. Maheen was calling me wonder what she wants "hello" I said through the speaker. "Hey OMG GUESS WHAT" she yelled through the phone. I laughed "what?". "Harry just asked me to be his girlfriend and were going out eeep I can't believe it!" She whisper screamed. "Well good on you girl that was quick to happen wasn't it?" I asked trying to hold my laughter in. "I dont care I'm Harry styles girlfriend" she paused before carrying on talking "I gotta go Harry wants me byeee take care love you" she yelled through the phone. "Love you too babes" and with that I hung up the phone. I looked at Zayn and saw he was smirking at me "what?" I asked wishing I could slap that smirk off his face! "You are going to have that time off your life tonight babes, all you are going to be doing is moaning my name" I held in my puke and stopped it from making it's way out I took a deep breath. "Oh please the only person who is going to be moaning is you" I said satisfied with my reply.

We stopped outside a fancy hotel. Zayn got out of the car and came around too my side then opened the door for me. "Someone's being a gentlemen" I said whilst smirking at him. "Don't flatter yourself too much babes I only did it because of the pap" I ignored his rude comment and rolled my eyes. "Thought it was too good to be true" I said hoping it annoyed him. I trailed my eyes down to his hands which were clenched together.

We walked into the hotel woah this place is fancy Zayn walked over to the front desk and I trailed behind him. "How long will you be having this room for sir" the women at the front desk ask. "Just overnight please" Zayn said throwing in a wink. Urgh that dirty sick bastard I can't believe I'm about to have sex with him oh lord please save me! "Oh I see so you want a sound proof room" I stared at the women in shock. You can get sound proof rooms. Wow this hotel is something. "Yup that's the one" Zayn replied biting on his bottom lip. She handed Zayn the key "you two kids have fun but not too much oh and remember use protection" my mouth dropped at her comment but Zayn nope he was laughing. "You coming babe" he asked looking at me. "I'm coming don't call me babes" I snapped at him. "Whatever you say BABES" oh now his just trying to annoy me!

We exited out of the elevator and found the room. Zayn opened the door and dragged me in. He pressed me against the door and smashed his lips onto mine. I dropped my purse on the floor and brought my hand up to his hair tugging on it. Zayn let out a moan as I tugged an area of his head. He bit my lip which made me moan and he slyly slid his tongue into my mouth. We battled for dominance and Zayn won only because he bit on my tongue. He slowly made his way down my neck past my jawline then finding my soft spot. He bit on it and I couldn't help myself I let out a loud moan. He carried on going down until he reached my chest which was being covered by my dress. He wrapped his hand around me and pulled down the zip of my dress. The dress fell to my feet and I stepped out of it kicking it to the side letting my heels flick off in the process. I brought Zayn back to my lips and began undressing him. I pulled off his checkered shirt and then the white one. I must admit he has a fine body. I trailed my hands down his abs and stopped at the top of his trousers. He tried to unclasp my bra but I stopped him then dragged him to the bed. He stood above me and I played with his belt. Taking as much time as I could to take it off to tease him. He groaned then kicked off the jeans, getting annoyed at the fact I was taking too long to pull them off. He reached for my bra this time taking them off. He then pulled down my knickers he looked at me and bit down on his bottom lip, god he looked so hot doing that! I trailed my fingers across the top of his boxers then ever so swiftly pulling them off. I gasped at the sight off him wow that is big! I grasped his length in my hand and began rubbing it. Zayn moaned in pleasure "Maddie...madd...mad" he moaned loudly. I stopped rubbing and waited for him to grab the condom. He slid the condom in and entered me. I let out a loud moan digging my nails into his back for support to keep me up. Zayn quickened the pace until we both hit climax. He landed right next to me. Wow that was good. I liked at Zayn who was out of breath lying next to me. He turned his head and smirked "your not so bad Hussain" I laughed "neither are you malik, but I've had better" he snorted "oh please that's the best sex you've ever had". "Yh whatever I'm getting into the shower" I grabbed a towel and my knickers and bra gonna have to stick to these since it's the only thing I have here.

I came out of the bathroom to find Zayn fully clothed "you ready to go?" I nodded my head and we both headed out the door.

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