Forced to love... A Zayn Malik fanfiction

Sometimes you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time.


13. chapter 13

Harrys p.o.v

We all made our way into the house. Zayn had already texted us saying he was at a dinner with his mum. I made my way to the room I was currently staying in and my phone buzzed in my back pocket. I squeezed my hand in to my pocket and pulled my phone out. A text from Maheen hmmm wonder what she wants. I opened the message 'hey babes no ones at my house and I'm bored wanna come over' I replied back saying be there in 5. "Hey guys I'm going out" I shouted and headed out the door.

The walk to Maheen's house didnt take that long considering she only lived 20 minutes away from Zayn. I walked up the steps and knocked on the door. She opened the with a massive smile "what happened to 5 minutes eh?". I laughed "I got lost I guess?" She opened the door wider and gestured for me to come in. My eyes raked up and down her body god she was hot.I followed her into the living room where a box of pizza sat on the table. "I got a bit hungry so I ordered a pizza, you can grab a slice if you like?" I shook my head "nope I came for dessert" I said with a smirk. She looked confused at first but quickly caught up to what i was saying. "Well then why didn't you just say so shall we make our way to my room?" I nodded my head and followed her to her room.

We entered her room and I didn't hesitate to grab her. I pushed her against the wall and began kissing her. I made my way down her neck then told her to jump. She did as told and wrapped her legs around my torso. I walked over to her bed and gently placed her down still keeping our lips attached. She grabbed the hem of my top and pulled it off of me someone seemed eager. I pulled her top off then unclasped her bra. I pulled her trousers down then had to make a bit of effort to pull mine down. I pulled her knickers off and she played with the top of my boxers then pulled them down. She gasped when she saw me then smiled and clasped it around her hand. Oh this feels so good I stopped her and grabbed a condom out of my jeans pocket got to carry these round just in case you know ;). I stared at her whilst slipping on the condom wow she is beautiful I cannot wait be in her. I slid my dick into her and started off slow but picked up the pace after wards. We both nearing to the end and hit climax. I pulled out of her and laid down next to her out of breath. Wow that was amazing I needed something like that maybe I should asked her to be my girlfriend so I can feel like this all the time...

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