Forced to love... A Zayn Malik fanfiction

Sometimes you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time.


10. chapter 10

Maheen's p.o.v

I watched as Maddie stormed out of the restaurant. Should I run after her or not.. Nah forget it I'll go see her afterwards. I looked up and came face to face with Harry. I still remember what he whispered to me quietly it replays through my mind over and over again.


Harry asked for our numbers and winked at me. Maddie being the idiot she is said she doesn't give her number out to strangers I have her a glare that I wish would've killed her there on the spot! Harry leans forward and began whispering "well I hope that's not what you think of me because I was planning on becoming more than friends let alone strangers" I smiled and blushed to myself. But of course Maddie had to notice and point it out curse her!


Zayn slides into the seat next to Liam were Maddie was sitting before. "I broke up with Perrie by the way guys" Zayn said notifying the rest of the boys. They all simply nods and the food arrives.

Zayn grabs the chicken wrap isn't that what Maddie ordered. We all sat in silence eating I began thinking if going Maddie would've been a better option instead. "Is your friend always rude like that?" Zayn asks looking directly at me. " urmh well she's only rude to people she doesn't like and people who are rude to her or me for no reason" I replied back trying to defend Maddie as best as I could. "Well what did I do so wrong for her not to like me and leave as soon as she saw me?" Zayn asked, pulling one of his eyebrow up. Now that it left me speechless I had no clue what to say back. Why does she hate him?

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