i love that boy (BoyxBoy) (Larry)

Harry is a suicidal freak, laughing stock of the school, While Louis is popular jock and a rich preppy student, Both the boys cross paths. Will they start having feelings for each other?


1. First day


Bad grammar alert! Ya there's gonna be bad grammar



Harry POV:

I woke today knowing it is Monday and another beating. I had the werdist dream, I dreamed about a boy, And he was beautiful all he did was just turn around and that's when I woke up. I looked at my alarm and it was 7:33 I wanted to just stay in bed but I had to go to that hell. I got up and looked at closest wondering what to wear..hmm I picked out some black skinny jeans, a my chemical romance shirt and a beanie. I went down stairs to go get breakfast. "Hey!" my mum said and came from behind me. I jumped not knowing she was coming. "Oh! god mum you scared me!"

"I'm sorry sweetie! And you brother is waiting in the car, so get a apple and go!"

I really hate my older brother..His name is Niall.He's like the leader of the bullies...He has a so called 'crew' In his crew there is Zayn and Justin. Justin is those who talk and walk like a gangster like he owns the place but is scared of Nial. Zayn is those who doesn't want to do anything bad but is forced to by the others.

I walked outside and got in the car, Niall smacked me in the back of my head. "Ow!" I rubbed the back of my head.


Ok well I'm gonna stop here, because  I wanna know if you like it! if you do ill keep on making it!

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