Pinky Promises


9. The Truth

The boys exited. "Weell" "What? Are you gonna tell me that I have some sort of power that if I'm not careful I could kill someone?" I joke. "Do you believe in the supernatural?" Harry asked. "Yea, but not what you're trying to tell me!! This can NOT be happening!!"

*harrys pov*

What couldn't be happening? Usually people are happy they have power but not Skylar. "What? What could it possibly be?" She have me a death glare. "When I was little, I used to get picked on because my eyes turned black when I was mad or because I could do things every one else couldn't. They said I was different. That I-" "WHO CARES WHAT THEY SAID!?!? YOU ARE DIFFERENT AND THOSE THINGS ARE TRUE WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!" I screamed. I felt my heart race become faster by the second. Why i said those things I have NO idea!! "SO YOUR SAYING I SHOULDVE BEEN PICKED ON AND DELT WITH IT?!?" She stood up. This side I never wanted to see. "THAT I SHOULD BE OKAY WITH PEOPLE PICKING ON ME BECAUSE ITS THE TRUTH?!?" Matthew grabbed her arm. "Ya know what, Harry? Goodbye. I never want to see you again." She stormed out holding Matthews hand. I literally felt my heart SHATTER.

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