Pinky Promises


7. the tall man

Zayn ran to get a nurse while the ret of us screamed and Niall held me tighter. The man cackled, went limp, then fell making me run to the window to find no body on the cement.


The cold night air whispered in my ear as I was on my way to Nialls house with the rest of the boys. "You're spending the night!!" I giggled and Niall put his arm around me, making me feel safe.


We all fell asleep bundled on the couch. I woke up in middle of the night not knowing where I was. I soon remembered as I looked around to find the sleeping boys. I heard a crash coming from outside and looked out the window to find the tree had fallen.


"Probably struck by lightning, it WAS storming!" Zayn pointed out. I nodded my head in agreement and rested my head on his chest, not knowing what to do now. "I need to go." Niall rushed out after getting a text.

*nialls pov*

Harry: is Skylar there?

Me: yeah, why?

Harry: I need to talk to her about the fallen tree

Me: how did you know about that? No one told you!

Harry: I just.... Know. Now tell Skylar to text me!

Me: NO

Harry: she's my girlfriend and she deserves to know exactly what's going on! You're the one who 'knew for a fact she was the one' and you were right!! Now, I have to explain to her why this is happening

Me: no. She doesn't need to know so soon. And she told me herself you weren't dating anymore. Now knock it off. She might be scared and run away because she doesn't know how powerful she is and we NEED her trust!

Harry: we NEED to talk! Me and you come over now! Don't say anything just leave we can't risk anything, the boys don't know about anything and they can't know before Skylar!

I ran out not knowing what to do. "I need to go." I ran out to go meet Harry.

(A/n sorry for the font changing it changes by itself and I don't know how to change it back..!!)

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