Pinky Promises


1. The Show

'Lipgloss' was blasting as I danced along. Tonight was my first show. My phone rang as I hit the ending note. Ashleigh. "Yeeess" I complain. "Sorry to bother you but I couldn't help it!!

HARRY STYLES IS COMING TO YOUR SHOW!!" We scream in unison and I started jumping on my bed. "Wait, why?" I ask. "He needs a new backup dancer" "wait, I have a chance to meet him?? Well id love to stay and chat but I have to practice!! Buh bye!" I threw my phone on my bed and practiced for hours.

*seven hours later*

"Skylar!" Ashleigh screamed, running for me. "He wants to meet you!! Harry likes how you dance! He's waiting outside!" I walk outside trying to be cool and she was right. "Hello gorgeous." He greets me.

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