Pinky Promises


6. The park

I was walking back to Nialls. I decided to stop by a park to sit and just take a break from everything. When I got there.... I couldn't breathe.

I fell to the ground and a woman came up to me shouting "CALL 911!! Breathe!! Come on, stay with me." I was gasping for air when I saw it. A man standing by a tree just watching. Waiting for me to take my last breath, smiling wickedly. An air mask was placed on my face and his smile turned to a frown. I closed my eyes and everything became silent. Absolutely silent.


I heard crying. Faint crying along with beeping. I open my eyes to see a blur. "Sk-Skylar?" The man stuttered. My vision became clear to reveal Niall along with Louis, Liam, and Zayn. Niall hugged me and the boys smiled. "What happened?" I sighed not knowing how to answer. "I'm not sure. As soon as I-" I looked out the window to see the man smiling with his evil smile making me jump into Nialls lap and scream

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