Pinky Promises


10. Scary Movies

*Skylar's pov*

I dragged Matthew back to his house. "What are we doing?" He asks. We walk into his living room and sit on the couch. "The thing we used to ALWAYS do together!!" I flipped on the tv and he. Smiled. "Hopefully no one gets arrested this time!!" (A/N inside joke haha)


I fell asleep laying on him. I lifted my head because I heard whispering. "JAKIE!!!" I scream and jump into his arms. Matthew jumps unaware of what's happening. "Oh. Hi Jake." He rests his head back down and closes his eyes. "How did you get in here?" I whisper. "Easy. The front door was open." Did I really forget to shut the door?!? I face palmed and sighed. "Well. I guess I was so mad I forgot to shut the door. How could I forget?!?" The faint sound of a door creaking open was heard. "Did you leave the door open?" I whisper. "N-no"

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