Pinky Promises


4. Pinky Promise

I hopped in the truck and we headed off. "What happened last night?" He sighed and shook his head. "Absolutely nothing, since you 'can't remember.'" Does he seriously think I have an option to remember something or not? "When I first saw you in the doorway, you weren't.... You." He took a sharp turn making me gasp. "Real mature not-" "CAN YOU JUST SHUT UP FOR ONE MINUTE?" Harry yelled making me jump. "Whatever" I murmur before unbuckling and opening the door and jumping out.


I ran and ran without knowing where I was going. I didn't care. I'm fed up with being yelled at for me.... Being me. I can't help it. I noticed I was making my way to my friend Matthew's house. I knocked on the door and some girl answered. "Is Matthew here?" She put her hand on her hip. "Maybe. Why do YOU care?" I pushed her out of the way and walked inside. "GET OUT!!" She screamed, but i didn't listen. "Skylar!!" Matthew picked me up an twirled me around. "Excuse me, but you can leave." The girl said, entering the living room. "Actually, Maria YOU can leave!" Matthew hugged me so right I think I heard my back pop. She stomped out and slammed the door.


Three missed calls from Harry, twelve texts from Niall, and an email from Ashleigh. Matthew chuckled noticing how 'popular' I was, as he put it. "You at least need to answer Niall!!"

Me: whaaatt


me: don't worry about me, I'm at a friends!

Niall: is it a guy? ARE YOU CHEATING ON HARRY?

Me: no, it's not cheating if we aren't together anymore!

Niall: you broke up with Harry? What happened?!?

Me: I jumped out of the car! Big deal! I'm tired of getting yelled at for being myself!!

Niall: please tell me were you are! I won't tell Harry, I promise! Just.. I worry about you! Remember I'm your big brother? You need to tell me these things! I'll come pick you up tomorrow or whenever you'd like! I just need to know where you are.

Me: pinky promise?

Niall: pinky promise.

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