Pinky Promises


11. Near Death

"Matthew!" I whine and Jump on his lap. He sits up and Jake sits next to us. We huddle and Matthew has a confused expression on his face. I put my finger over my lip to signal him to keep quiet. The floor squeaks making me hold onto Matthew for dear life. Loud cackling echoed in the room making it improbable to find out exactly where the man was. I covered my ears to try to drown out the loud screeching coming from an unknown object. The boys didn't hear anything making me worried about exactly what is happening. A man in a suit that looked as if he had sand for a face strolled jollily into the room. "Do you see him to?" I whisper. "Who? Where?" They stared at me like I was crazy. "No. Please tell me all of us can see him!! HELP!! HELP!!SOMEONE!" I screamed but it seemed like only the boys could hear me. The man smiled and put his hands behind his back. I tried running but he just appeared in front of me again. "STOP!!" I bellow and he frowns. I fell to my knees and he placed his hand on my face making it hard for me to breathe. I was almost dead but He began to walk away and soon disappeared into thin air. "Skylar!! Are you okay?" Matthew knelt to my left and Jake on my right. I could tell they were worried but how could I explain THIS?!?

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