Pinky Promises


12. Missing

Skylar: Harry come get Jake Matthew and I nooww!!!

Harry: what's wrong? Where are you?!?

Skylar: Matthews house...

Harry: okay babe hold on I'm on my way

Skylar: HURRY!!!!

* Harry's pov*

I drove to Matthews house. HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN?!?!

She JUST found out. This is all my fault!!! I run inside to find Matthew and Jake passed out and no sign of Skylar. My phone rang and the name 'Skylar' popped up. "Hello!? Sky-" "This isn't Skylar. You fool! You know you shouldn't have told her! It makes us that much easier for us to find her!" My heart was racing. Whoever this was, was going to hurt my baby. "I won't HURT her. Not yet at least." "YOU LISTEN TO ME! IF I FIND ONE MARK ON HER YOURE DEAD." The man on the other end just laughed. "I am death." He whispered, hanging up.

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