Pinky Promises


2. meeting the boys

I was walking to Nialls house with Harry to meet the rest of the boys. "You're like a human pretzel!! You'd make a GREAT backup dancer!!" I laughed, I never really got complimented like that. Yeah, judges but there's something about him that makes me WANT to know what he thinks about me..

*at Nialls*

"I'm Niall, I'll be like your brother!!" He picks me up and spins me around. I squeal and beg him to put me down. "Whatever!" He drops me on the floor. "NIALL!!!" I scream. "Told ya I was gonna be like your brother." He helps me up. "Wow he made her scream his name before you did and she's YOUR girlfriend!!" Zayn jokes. I turn beat red and Harry gives him a death glare. "Can we watch a scary movie?" I ask, trying to break the silence.


We were piled on the couch watching one of the scariest movies I've ever seen. I forgot the name, but I don't care! Every once in a while I'd shove my face in Harry's chest. He went into another room to take a phone call. A pop-out made me jump on Nialls lap burying my face in his neck. He lowly chuckles and holds me while I hold on for dear life.


I was stuck at the boys because the weather. I let out a shriek and grab Louis as the power goes out. "Awe it's alright!" Louis comforts me. "Wh-where's Harry?" I stutter. "I'm fine love, don't move you might hurt yourself." A huge crash was heard from upstairs causing me to jump into Louis' arms.

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