Pinky Promises


3. kidnapped

"Stay here" I heard Harry move around trying to find a source of light. "I wanna come with!" I whisper. "No, Skylar it's to dangerous. Louis do NOT let go of her!" Louis' grip tightened and I was forced to stay in one spot. "But just in-" "I said stay here!" Harry screams making me jump.


Louis and I run upstairs frantically after Harry screams. "Harry!" We search but we couldn't find him. The lights flicker on making it easier to see, but all I see is blood trailing into the back room. "Louis! Come here!!" Loud footsteps abruptly stop behind me. We tip-toe to the back room. I burst in only to find an open window. Large hands grip my waste making me jump. A napkin was placed over my mouth clearly with chloroform on it. I scream and try to get out of his grip. I feel myself getting sleepy. I soon pass out only to lye helplessly on the ground.


I woke up in a bedroom. "HARRY!" I beg. "PLEASE SOMEONE." I furiously bang on the walls in the dark, dark room. I can only see what's around the candle. I grab the candle and slowly walk around trying to find a door. I heard an old rusty door slowly creak open as sunlight shines in through the slit that slowly begins to grow into a full beam of light. "Stop." I drop to the floor obviously not ready for the creature that stands in front of me. "Babe it's me" Harry strides over to me and picks me up bridal style. It became bright, really bright. "Where are we?" I knew he wasn't going to answer me, but it wouldn't hurt to ask. He looked curiously at me. "You don't remember last night?"

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