The Color Blue

"Blue is easy to play but hard to feel"-Jim Hendrix
Love is a very hurtful and magical thing when it comes to Emma Lennon.


4. The Secret Date:

The whole time i spent with Harry it was the most fun time i had ever had. He really is charming like the girls say in twitter or any other social media that i have been on. It didn't take long for me and him to get to know each other well and know our likes and dislikes. 

Its already been a couple of days since our first friendly outing and i think thats enough for the whole time we spend together. We decided that we shouldn't see each other that long since our first outing. The media thought we were dating since he told me every girl he is seen with he has to be linked to. The truth is i thought he was going to ask me to date him but it hasn't happened and i think it never will. Honestly i have developed a small  liking with this boy and his usual  charming self and his cheeky smile he always shows me when were together. We go to school and from school sometimes we do homework in his house or in my house. The school was close to its ending and all this time with him was actually fun and pleasant. 


The morning was a bit colde than usual so i cowered with my blankets hoping for some warmth any warmth what so ever. It didn't work so  just start to get up and shake off my coldness and hit the shower for a warmth bath. The water its softly and i let out a gasp of pleasure on how it slides down my body slowly. The shower lasts for almost an hour until i get out and wrap the towels and go into my drawers and grab tight black jeans and a black tight tank top. I slip on the clothes while drying myself and drying my hair with the blow drier. I add on the necessary stuff to my self and slip on soft black short heels and put my hair in a side messy fish tail. I walk down the stairs as i smell the scent of vanilla and coffee being made.

"Hey honey i grabbed your coffee and morning bread this time" my dad gave me a huge hug.

"Wow whats the occasion if i can never like going out shopping for anything?" i giggle and then let go to start to eat my bread and coffee.  "Well i thought that once your mother awakes we can all go out together as a family?" he smiled and took a sip from his warm tea. Soon my mother comes down with her blonde hair all over the place and her morning face. Tired as usual. they both work where i don't want them to work and because of that i was. I didn't have a pleasant childhood like any other girl would. "Good morning love" my dad gave a kiss to her and i look down and smile while taking off a piece of raisin of my bread. Like always he has to get raisin thinking it was chocolate chip. "Has he called?" my mother asked. " not yet but i promise he to get mind off things we are going around London" he smiled. 


Short chapter. Whoops. Bye. 

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