The Color Blue

"Blue is easy to play but hard to feel"-Jim Hendrix
Love is a very hurtful and magical thing when it comes to Emma Lennon.


3. Next Day:

  The next morning i woke up to the sounds of my dads snoring very loud. Even though his room was like next to mine it was loud and annoying. I covered my ears with my pillow wanting to go back  to sleep. Didn't work cause when i wake up i can never go back to how i was sleeping. Then it stopped and i uncovered my self. There it goes again. I huff and just go for the bathroom while i was up and did my business. When i finished i flushed the toilet and washed my hands and face. I took a long look at my facial features. My long brown wavy hair falling to my back like a rats nest. The sea blue ovals in my eyes and my rosy plump lips smooth always when i wake up. The pale skin that occasionally has had a scar on my neck which i don't really like talking about it nor the past and what had happened. I grabbed my blue comb and started to untangle the deep knots that were stuck and winced on how hard they were. When i finished i went out and went in my closet and took out tight blue jeans and a white crop top with a polka dot denim blouse unbuttoned. The wind rustled outside in the trees and it felt a bit scary but i had gotten used to the winds of Holmes Chapel. I do not recall the winds being this harsh in my old home which was Los Angeles. I took a look out through the window and found the window in front of me opened which my view was rather exposing and pleasant at the same time. I for some reason couldn't take my eyes off harry running rather weird in his treadmill while listening to music. I peeked slowly through the curtain and saw him exposing his muscles and his sweaty back. Why would he have the window opened with his music loud and his curtain wide opened? Weird? Well good thing it was saturday if not i would be late for school. I slowly looked away and found myself leading to grab my shoes and phone. The time was 7:30 in the morning and i walked down the stairs to grab my car keys that my father only lets me use for certain purposes. I quickly walked out and headed out to a near by coffee shop and bought my cold coffee.

Minutes later: 


The wind was really harsh so i tied my hair with a blue silk bow neatly and drove off to a bakery. It was near the coffee shop. I parked right in front of it and got off. 

  "More customers"  a lady said a bit loud. I waved and headed out for the cookie section. Admiring the cookies next to me was a small blonde girl who looked around 2 or 3. she was next to a familiar figure. I looked up at the man and it was Harry. Wow is that his daughter or something? He was acting awfully nice. "Harry?" i asked as he lifted the small girl up. He looked quickly my way and smiled. "Emma" he smiled and gave me a small side hug. " Hey you know about this bakery?" he asked "Yeah since I've been living here?" i responded "oh thats great so now i get to see you even on the weekends" he said cheerfully. A little giggle came out of my mouth for some reason. "Sorry i didn't mean for it to come out that cheerfully?" he replied while the little girl squirmed in his long arms. "oh this is Lux my friends daughter....Lux say hello to Emma" he said showing me her. I waved at her and she smiled. "Hello Lux" i smiled. She did the same and said my name funny in her developed small accent. Me and Harry giggled. " so wacha going to get?" he asked. "oh just some cookies to eat and bread for my morning breakfast?" i replied looking at the colorful counter of the cookies with its aligned rows of varieties. Chocolate chip was always my favorite and also vanilla. I felt Harry get a bit closer and the weird cause of the shivers happened when you fancy someone. Well thats what i heard in my primary school. At first i was living here in Holmes Chapel for my first few years of my primary school but then the case of my father had to be moved to America which was Los Angeles the years later. I spend my 3 grade year till my secondary school. Then thats when i moved back here and found my old mates from primary school. Anyways. "Want me to fetch you the cookies?" he asked interrupting  my long base thinking. I just gave him a simple nod and he entered the other counter and grabbed the cookies. "You work here?" i asked as he put Lux down. "Yeah before the X factor and One Direction i worked here?" he grabbed a bag and he gave me the cookies i wanted. "Thanks Harry?" he smiled and i handed him the pounds. "okay your change is 3.04 pounds" i nodded and then i decided to leave since i was getting hungry and i left without saying a word to my parents. " Ill see you later Haz" i gave him a name. " Oh name calling okay i can play along... later...[pause] Emmy" he thought. "hey...don't call me that?" i playfully punched him. "hey it hurts my soul?" he exaggerated. We both giggled and looked at each other. It lasted for quiet some minutes but then i walked away slowly. "ill see you" i said as i walked backwards and opened the door behind me. He gave me a wink and bend down to lift up Lux. The harsh air blew wind blew in my hair but it didn't mess it up and Harry looked at me as i walked away to my car and drove off to my house. The whole way i thought of Harry for some reason and when he looked into my eyes. His eyes sparkled and it gave me the case of the shivers. 

Later in the day: 

The whole day i decided to spend it in bed since i had nothing better to do and go on my twitter. I decided to look up Harry and the rest of his bandmates he told me about in school. I typed in and found so much information that Harry had told me already and that i wasn't surprised that would come out on google. He went out with Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner. Wow he's been a busy boy these few years he has been in the band. They have three albums and many music videos that i decided to take a look. I found myself cracking up to them and some feeling emotional on how they sang the song and the lyrics of the song. Wow how come i never heard of them when this is his home town. Probably because I'm not that much into boy bands in this century. Im more of a Beatles fan and a Lana del Rey.

 My phone interrupted my thoughts as i found it beeping. I reached for my pocket and looked at the ID caller. It was Harry. The same smile when i saw him appeared on my face and i answered to him. 

"Hey Emmy" he replied giggling 

" Ha ha very funny Mr. Styles" i put him on speaker as i went back to looking him up. 

"Oh I'm just teasing...soo wacha doing?" he asked. 

"Oh nothing just here using my laptop?" i replied smiling. 

" Oh good i was wondering if you wanted to go to eat maybe tonight or later if you want to i mean if you are busy i know-" 

" oh that would be lovely..and no i have nothing to do so yes" i cut him off. 

" oh good okay  ill probably pick you up later in the day okay" he said 

"okay uhhh one question...if you had to choose between the color blue and grey to wear which one would you pick?" i asked i i jumped off my bed and ran to my closet and took out the two dresses. One was the color blue and the other was the color grey. 

"The Color Blue" he replied 


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