The Color Blue

"Blue is easy to play but hard to feel"-Jim Hendrix
Love is a very hurtful and magical thing when it comes to Emma Lennon.


2. New Neighboor

The morning was cold and it looked like if it was going to rain out my window. I stumbled out my bed and went to take a deep warm shower before school started. After the warm shower i got dressed and then grabbed my stuff for school. I looked out the window and saw a moving truck out the house thats bee abandoned for a while. I just looked in my closet for a coat and then made my way to the kitchen. "Emma breakfast is ready" my mother yelled from the kitchen in her irish accent. I would love to have her accent its sweet but strong at the same time. "Your here" i gave her a tight hug. " Yeah i got here a bit late and i saw you sleeping and i didn't want to wake you up" she gave me a kiss on my forehead. I smiled and then let go as i looked at my usual morning breakfast and dug right into it. "Hey honey there is a new neighboor... i met the lady and her children.. they are about your age so i think you guys will get along since in my opinion i think her boy is cute" i shot my eyes at her. Oh my mother. " Mum...dont say that?" i giggled. She laughed and then we finished our breakfast. 


 During my first period i was so bored mostly cause i didn't have my music with me and second Justin kept poking me from behind and making me laugh a bit. Then there was a knock on the door and the student opened it and for my amusment the boy looked familiar like from t.v or something. I heard gasps from behind me and the whole class turned around including me. Those girls who are obsessed with a stupid boy band looked like if they just saw a ghost or something. They dug their faces on their phones and we turned back around. I giggled as the curly boy caught my attention. He looks tall with emerald green eyes and almost tan skin. Our eyes met and he smiled a bit. I went back to the assignment on the board and i heard the teacher talk to him. I might of been listening to their conversation " Emma can yo raise your and for me please" the teacher said. I raised it but i didn't look up. I heard footsteps and felt some stares. I looked up and found him sitting next to me. He gave me a smile and i nodded and he took out his seat and sat down. " Hello im Harry Styles" he said "Im Emma" i replied and then i went quiet. The whole period Justin kept sending me a text if i fancy my new partner? I just ignored him and then went back to listening to what the teacher was saying. Well i think i understood what he was saying since im not that good at history.  When the bell rang i got up quickly and the others did the same. " Hold up Emma since you are Harry's partner and it seems you have the exact same classes can you show him around if he needs any help at all?" I sighed and nodded and turned around and saw Harry getting his stuff which was just a notebook and his phone. " Lets go Harry since im going to be the one who shows you around" i swing my hands shyly. "Oh o-okay" he said and we walked. " Sooooo.. are you from here?" i asked "yeah i grew up here and decided to finish high school..i dont think you've noticed from that famous...boy band called One Direction?" i stopped and he did the same as i felt the stares. "oh my god i am so sorry i knew i saw you from somewhere.. no wonder those girls were a bit creepy?" He laughed and i did the same. "yeah i get that a where to next?" he asked " Oh we have algebra next so its on the second floor" i said as i opened the door for him and entered the staircase. We walked up talking about how he used to go to this school and he sees how much it has changed in 4 years. Well i really see no difference since my brother came to this school and i saw his graduation in 2010.

The whole day i showed harry around but he got his way hes been here before so its nothing new for him. We hung out during lunch and there was just so many stares and i could tell the girls wanting to be in my postion. 

When the bell rang for time to go home i got up. "Hey where do you live?" he asked i gave him my adress. "o i guess where neighboors"  

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