The Color Blue

"Blue is easy to play but hard to feel"-Jim Hendrix
Love is a very hurtful and magical thing when it comes to Emma Lennon.


1. In The Beginning:

"Okay once more darling" i played once more the Beethoven melody. I smiled as i touched the keys and felt them move in a rhythmic movement. " Okay thats it for today Emma" i nodded my head got up quickly and walked out of the classroom hoping i aced my piano test for my finals. The halls were empty and a bit chilly inside. I zipped up my navy blue peacoat and pushed the silver door open letting the cold breeze hit my hair as i entered outside  and walked along the pavement. I looked in my brown bag for my phone and earphones. Then when i got everything ready i walked along the sunset listening to music I'm into right now and probably any other teen in their 17 years old.

 The sun was setting and i was a bit afraid of walking home alone during the night time. I gripped my bag as i felt someone pass me making my hair flashback. For some reason i let out a gasp and the person turned back to look at me. I looked back but then kept walking when they stopped. I looked straight forward and walked a bit faster for my body figure. Minutes later i heard footsteps walking behind me and i gulped. The sun had set entirely and the person was still following me. Breathe. i told myself in thought as i felt someone grab my elbow.i was about to yell when they pushed me against the stone wall making my back hurt and bounce right off. "Don't worry I'm not gonna hurt you?" a familiar voice said. i opened my closed eyes and saw my friend Justin from school. His hand dropped and a smirk appeared on his face. " Justin you scared the hell out of my why would you do that?" i let out a sigh of relief and compassion. " Sorry i didn't mean to scare ya'" he chuckled. A simple grin grew on my face and we started to walk. " I was about to beat you up back there you know?" He smirked. "Yeah with let me guess with your cat like nails...right?" he grabbed my hand and showed me my very long neat nails. I groaned. " Fine you win...what are you doing out here so late o a thursday night?" i asked pulling a strand of my brownish hair back. 

"Wel i can say the same to you Em?" i looked away from his golden brown eyes. " I stayed at Mr. Walter's class cause i didn't get to finish his i probably don't want to retake that class...since no one really likes his class?" he chuckled a bit. " Right?" is all he said. 

We walked a bit more until i got to the front porch of my house. "well ill see you later Em...and next time you should ask for me to walk you don't known if there is any bad guys around?" he gave me a small hug."Maybe next time you shouldn't scare girls by pushing them up against the wall?" i opened my front door and turned on the porch light which means my parents weren't home yet. " well next time you should use your nails but not on me!" he chuckled. "rawr!" i made the cat noise and used my nails to scare him and shut the door.    

I set down my bag and took off my peacoat since it was warm in my room. I looked into the closet and looked for my grey soft sleeping leggings and a white t shirt. My phone rang while i was searching through my closet. I made my way to answer it. " hello?" i asked " Emma I'm going to be home late so if your mother doesn't get home just lock yourself in your room" my father Darrel. " Yeah don't worry i will?" then i hung up after that and changed into my clothes. After i grabbed my phone and checked my social media. I had a few notifications fro twitter and some followers. I followed the people at random without checking who followed me. After i just went straight to bed and watched t.v for the rest of the night.    

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