The Color Blue

"Blue is easy to play but hard to feel"-Jim Hendrix
Love is a very hurtful and magical thing when it comes to Emma Lennon.


6. Back to school:

"Come on dada lets go please" I beg father as his grin finally became to a smile. 

"Fine. But your going by yourself. Do you have someone who can give you a ride?" He asks as he puts his newspaper down and takes a sip of his tea cup. 

"Uh I think I have an idea?" I smile and make my way to my room quickly as I grab my phone. 

I quickly call Harry and he answers like at the first beep. 

"Hey Em" Em? Since when does he call me Em? 

"Em now where did that come from?" I giggle

"just so what's going on?" He asks. 

"Oh I was wondering if you could take me to my friends birthday party since my Father doesn't want to go or take me?" I sit on the cold bed. 

"I'm I invited?" He asks. A huge uncontrollably smile appears on my face. 

"Only if you want to go?" I cross my legs and twist to the side to crack my back. I wince on go it hurts. 

"Fine ill pick you up. But is it today?" He asks as I hear a loud thump. 

"Uh yeah like in 3 hours do we have enough time?" I smile and then get up going into my closet. 

T"Okay ill pick you up. Uhhh. Can I bring some friends along?" He asks. I bite my lower lip taking off some skin. I touch it and walk towards the bathroom. 


"Uh sure yeah?" I smile. 

"Great thanks uh bye?" I hung up an take a huge sigh. That was....intense. 

I choose out 

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