Sometimes you gotta watch out for the smiling criminals because they can be hurt deep down inside and act like they're fine for weeks. Then one day they'll explode.

That one day is today.


2. chapter 2

Angelina's p.o.v.

"I would never do anything with justin bieber" I rolled my eyes and sat down. It was gross enough it would be a year with a pop star.

"C'mon you can't be inactive for a year... At least show me" he winked.

"Your so gross" I sat in a corner.

"I'll make you feel good" he smiled

"If I say yes will you leave me alone" I got annoyed.

"Yeah" he said. I walked over by him and he instantly picked me up. I was now sitting on his lap and he leaned in. I could tell he wanted me. I didn't want him at all though. He kissed like an angel even though I hated to admit it.

"Maybe it won't be too bad for a year" I smiled. Wait. What was I doing? He layed me down and took his jacket off. They didn't bother changing us into those orange suits anyways. His abs showed through his ripped shirt. He must've been attacked. I suddenly wanted him really bad.

"I'm a little excited if you know what I mean" he got closer.

"All in one day?" I asked

"Well it's up to you " he winked.

"Yes" I said without thinking.

"Okay" he stripped us both so he had only boxers and my underwear was all on still. The guards were snoring. He put his jacket on my mouth so it wouldn't be too loud.

And that's how the year started. With a criminal

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