Sometimes you gotta watch out for the smiling criminals because they can be hurt deep down inside and act like they're fine for weeks. Then one day they'll explode.

That one day is today.


1. chapter 1

I would only be here for a day. I mean, I just got angry and punched an "innocent" person... Whatever ok. I've been bad forever for all I care I am in jail for a day.

"Angelica Delefano" they called my name.

My dyed red hair bounced everywhere as I approached the desk. Crap. My stomach was showing.... Maybe I could pull it off.

"Hey there " I winked and showed off my stomach.

"Angelica this isn't appropriate for a young woman your age. You should be in school at this time." The officer said boringly.

"Shouldn't you be on your death bed I mean like your 100 looking." I backed away.

"Excuse me?" He got a guard and they dragged me to a cell.

"This is for the people that are most likely to break out." He threw me in. He cut my leg and it bled but I was still strong enough to hold in.

5 hours later

"OW LET GO OF ME THAT HURTS WHAT THE HELL?" I woke up to screaming in the hall.

I looked around. Some guy with jeans that were ripped and a jacket was probably high. The guard who was old threw a tantrum.

"There's no cells this is a small prison." The guard screamed at some officer.

"there's one person in THEEE cell"

"Well THEEE person is a girl."

"I don't give a hell she can suffer if she's in a bad cell, just make sure he doesn't ra.."

"OK FINE!" He opened my cell and threw someone in.

The guy with ripped jeans looked at me. He was really farmiliar.

"Hey" his bruised lips were the highlight of his face.

"Hi" I looked down. I never actually liked anyone in my life.

"This might be awkward but please don't tweet about me in here, I mean it's not good for justin bieber to get attacked by tmz." He laughed. ITS JUSTIN BIEBER WTF"

"I won't I don't tweet" dork.

"You should" he smiled. I suddenly got unattracted.

"When are you gonna get bailed out?" I asked walking up.

"Well based on that sign I guess a year.."

"What sign???!!!" I got annoyed. He pointed to a sign: criminals in the special cell for those who wish to in behave shall stay for a year with no bail.

"noooo" I hit the wall.

"Well I haven't done anything with a girl for at least a year " he looked at me an winked.


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