The Academy

Kamber Marie Evans, Kam to her friends, is a student at the Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women, a school for aspiring spies, even though the staff claim it is a school for geniuses, everyone knows the truth. If you have the security clearance that is. Kam speaks fourteen languages, not including dialects, she she is a black belt in 5 different kinds of karate and tae kwon do, and she's a first rate gymnast. She can run a marathon in less than 2 hours, and she is an expert at covert operations, a class at the Academy that teaches students how to sneak around like spies without being noticed. Kamber's life is almost perfect. Kam has always known she was adopted when she was younger, and she knows that her parents were still alive, and had OTHER kids. Other girls, and an older brother. All she knows is that they live in Britain, henceforth her British accent. She has toyed with ideas as to why her parents gave her up, but when her adoptive parents, the Evans, are killed in a car crash, her biological family appears out of nowhere, with promises to make her life better. But she doesn't realize that he Tomlinsons can help her. Kam is angry that her family would stay away from her life for 18 years, so she tries to run away all the time, she does drugs, drinks, anything she can to get her mind off of her impossible life. When "Mummy Tomlinson", as Kam refers to her, decides to send her away with her older brother Louis on tour with his world famous band, Kam uses her spy skills to prank the boys, thwart them in any way she can. At least, until they give her up to an orphanage again, or best yet, send her back to the Academy, to her friends: Samantha, Caroline, and Riley.
On the other hand, Louis Tomlinson had never known he had another sister. When he finally discovers her drug use, he is determined to help her in any way he can, except set her up with one of the other boys. But Kam doesn't want Louis' help, she doesn't want anyone's help, unless she knows them from the "Academy". Louis has no idea what the Academy is, other than that it is the rich boarding school Kam attended during years 7-12, but he is determined to find out, plus why does Kam appear to hate him?

Can years worth of lack of trust and knowing someone be made up for in just one world tour? Find out in: "The Academy"


4. What did you say?

"They want to meet you, Kam. They are wondering if they could come to your graduation. That way, you have time to be mentally prepared for having a real family again."

My mouth had dropped open, and my body became as stiff as a tree trunk.

"Kamber, are you alright?" Headmistress Breber looked at me with concern evident on her face.

"I need some air." I bolted from the room, and ran up the stairs in the west hall.

Behind me I heard Sam scold her mom. "I told you we should have let her get used to it first!" But I ignored it and just kept running.

I shot up the stairs and into the little alcove I knew so well. It was tiny, with just enough space for me to sit down and stare out the window into the setting sun, creating the perfect colors and scenery.

About five minutes later, I felt a few hands on my neck, pulling aside my hair. I knew struggling was pointless, where would it get me? "Drugging me isn't going to help."

"Shhh." Riley's soothing alto voice finds my ears. Then I feel a needle plunge beneath my skin, and I am calm.

When I wake, Caroline squeezes my hand, and quiets the voices around us. "She's awake."

I sit up to find myself in the midst of the Grand Hall, the meal room, surrounded by the faces of my senior class. My head hurts, and the sun has set, but there are lights on overhead.

"Well, should we get started then?" Sam breaks the silence in the room. I feel as though I am on trial, like I don't know what is happening.

All the girls nod in agreement, and as Braelyn Bachmann stands from her chair, I ask: "With what?"

Riley captures my attention. "We are going to show you the importance of having a real family."

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