The Academy

Kamber Marie Evans, Kam to her friends, is a student at the Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women, a school for aspiring spies, even though the staff claim it is a school for geniuses, everyone knows the truth. If you have the security clearance that is. Kam speaks fourteen languages, not including dialects, she she is a black belt in 5 different kinds of karate and tae kwon do, and she's a first rate gymnast. She can run a marathon in less than 2 hours, and she is an expert at covert operations, a class at the Academy that teaches students how to sneak around like spies without being noticed. Kamber's life is almost perfect. Kam has always known she was adopted when she was younger, and she knows that her parents were still alive, and had OTHER kids. Other girls, and an older brother. All she knows is that they live in Britain, henceforth her British accent. She has toyed with ideas as to why her parents gave her up, but when her adoptive parents, the Evans, are killed in a car crash, her biological family appears out of nowhere, with promises to make her life better. But she doesn't realize that he Tomlinsons can help her. Kam is angry that her family would stay away from her life for 18 years, so she tries to run away all the time, she does drugs, drinks, anything she can to get her mind off of her impossible life. When "Mummy Tomlinson", as Kam refers to her, decides to send her away with her older brother Louis on tour with his world famous band, Kam uses her spy skills to prank the boys, thwart them in any way she can. At least, until they give her up to an orphanage again, or best yet, send her back to the Academy, to her friends: Samantha, Caroline, and Riley.
On the other hand, Louis Tomlinson had never known he had another sister. When he finally discovers her drug use, he is determined to help her in any way he can, except set her up with one of the other boys. But Kam doesn't want Louis' help, she doesn't want anyone's help, unless she knows them from the "Academy". Louis has no idea what the Academy is, other than that it is the rich boarding school Kam attended during years 7-12, but he is determined to find out, plus why does Kam appear to hate him?

Can years worth of lack of trust and knowing someone be made up for in just one world tour? Find out in: "The Academy"


9. Louis's P.O.V.

Louis' P.O.V.

It was like a verbal slap to the face. Worse than every time I had ever fought with my girlfriends, my parents, my sisters. It was worse than the time Zayn had said that when he met me, he: 'genuinely didn't like me'. My own sister just called me a bastard.

My mother was in complete shock, and Harry looked like he wanted to punch that girl's face. Demi Lovato's mouth hung side open, her red lips forming a perfect 'o'.

While the older woman, Mrs. Breber, I think, quickly began to apologize, the other three girls ran back in to the mansion.

Was there something wrong with me? A quality she didn't like? Was it the way I had been nervous? Should I have gone for a hug, instead of holding out my hand? Did she not like my tattoos? What did I have to change to make her like me? I couldn't help it, a couple tears slipped down my cheeks, then faster, until I was openly sobbing.

My mother squeezed my shoulders.

"Shall we go inside then? I can show you where you'll be sleeping." Mrs. Breber broke the silence. She led us all the way back in to the mansion, and my eyes were still red.

Once inside the mansion, I finally got a grasp for just how smart Kamber must be, to get in to a school as fancy as this.

A grand staircase was the first thing I saw, as well as the huge group of girls sitting on it.

"Is Kam okay, Headmistress?" A girl with an American accent and carrot orange hair said.

"She's fine, you should all be studying."

"We already finished our finals, plus, graduations are tomorrow, it's not like we have any homework." Another girl pointed out. This one had darker skin tone, she was clearly African-American.

"Fafa, Kamber is fine. Why don't you all go study for next year's exams, or, better yet, go pack."

The huge group of girls walked away grumbling about missing the show.

Two girls stayed behind.

"Tina, Eva, what do you need?"

The one on the right crossed her arms and said something in Chinese that I didn't understand.

"Eva, I can't deal with that right now."

She spoke again, in a language foreign to me.

"Tina, how about you go help Eva hash things out with her boyfriend, okay?" The girls frowned, as if she wasn't making any sense, then nodded, as if light bulbs had gone off inside their heads, and rushed off up the stairs.

Odd, I thought. Well, what did I know, right?

Mrs. Breber led us up another, smaller staircase, and in to a hallway. Branching off from the hallway were a bunch of doors.

"I figured that this would be appropriate, you can divide in to the rooms however you would like since they are all empty. While you get settled in, I think I am going to go check on Kamber." She said, and walked off back the way we had come.

I watched as my four sisters claimed a room to themselves, while my parents took another.

"So, how do we wanna do this?" Sophia broke the awkward silence. Liam was carrying her luggage, as well as his own, despite her protests. They were such a cute couple.

I just shrugged in reply to her statement, and dragged Eleanor in to one of the rooms farthest from the staircase.

Kamber's P.O.V.

At around four fifteen in the afternoon, the 25 graduating seniors of the Gallagher Academy gathered in the room I shared with my best friends for a game of truth or dare, Gallagher edition. Gallagher edition is where if you say truth, you are told a dare anyway, kinda like dare or dare. By our context you should just say dare anyway.

"Alright, Tina, truth, or dare?" Megan Flicky spoke out of the darkness of the room. We always liked to turn off all the lights, except for one.


"I dare you to... go tell Mrs. Haslett in Spanish that when the weather's good, you like to go skiing."

Mrs. Haslett is the Spanish teacher here, and she is constantly worried that she didn't teach her students well enough, and that they are gonna make mistakes when they talk in Spanish in he real world.

Tina stood up from the floor, and we stayed put for about 20 minutes until she came back, and gave us the thumbs up, as well as flipping Megan the middle finger.

"Kam, truth or dare?" She asked me.

I sighed. "Dare, I guess."

She smirked at me. "I dare you to go apologize to Louis, and invite him and his celebrity friends to the dance tonight."

A chorus of 'ooh's sounded from the assembled girls, and I huffed, standing up, brushing of the skirt of my Gallagher uniform, and walked out the door.

The dance was an end of the year Gallagher tradition, the night before graduation, all the seniors gathered in the Great Hall, and danced, along with any of their families they might want to bring. It was the same with the end of the year soccer game, which I might as well invite Louis to now, I will get dared to anyway. And while I'm at it, might as well invite him to truth or dare, I heard he likes both of those, football and truth or dare.

I climb down the grand staircase and up the smaller one, but realized I didn't know which room I was looking for, until Leigh-Anne Pinnock stepped out of one of the rooms. She saw me immediately, and pointed to one of the back rooms.

"He's in there, and Eleanor's pretty mad at you, so watch out."

I nodded at her. "Thanks." She nodded back, then opened the door to a different room.

"Perrie, are ya awake?" She asked as she stepped inside.

I plucked up my courage, and walked down the hall. When I reached the door, I knocked loudly.

Louis opened the door, and stared at me.

"Hey," I said. He just stood there. "I, uh, wanted to apologize for earlier, I was wrong about you, and I'm sorry."

That was when he dove for the hug. He buried his head in the crook of my neck and sobbed. I rubbed his back and tried to comfort him as best I could.

He pulled away, gave me a kiss on the cheek, and said: "I love you already."

I smiled. "Hey, listen, every year at the end of the year the Gallagher seniors have a party in the great hall. I am supposed to invite you. Then, after graduation, the seniors play a game of football, for the entertainment of everyone else. I'm supposed to invite you to that to. And also, I just wanted to let you know, those were completely dares, and my friends will probably make me invite you to truth or dare, so instead of wasting my time and coming back here, would you just like to come with me now?"

"I would love to come to all of those." He said, giving me another kiss on the cheek.

"Awww!" Jesy Nelson whined from behind us. The whole lot of celebrities stood there. "That's so cute!"

"People, what are we waiting for? Truth or dare is waiting! Come on!" Niall was bouncing up and down on his toes, and took off down the hall.

I opened my mouth, but before I could say anything, Liam said: "Don't worry, he'll be back once he realizes he has no idea where he's going."

Sure enough, two seconds later, Niall returned, and said: "Which way?"

I stared at him like he was an alien, and then cleared my throat, and took of in the opposite direction from which he had tried to take.

"Right. I knew that was the right way." He muttered behind me.

I climbed the grand staircase again, and then opened the door to my room. There sat all my friends, waiting for me.

"I'm back, bitches." I said.

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