The Academy

Kamber Marie Evans, Kam to her friends, is a student at the Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women, a school for aspiring spies, even though the staff claim it is a school for geniuses, everyone knows the truth. If you have the security clearance that is. Kam speaks fourteen languages, not including dialects, she she is a black belt in 5 different kinds of karate and tae kwon do, and she's a first rate gymnast. She can run a marathon in less than 2 hours, and she is an expert at covert operations, a class at the Academy that teaches students how to sneak around like spies without being noticed. Kamber's life is almost perfect. Kam has always known she was adopted when she was younger, and she knows that her parents were still alive, and had OTHER kids. Other girls, and an older brother. All she knows is that they live in Britain, henceforth her British accent. She has toyed with ideas as to why her parents gave her up, but when her adoptive parents, the Evans, are killed in a car crash, her biological family appears out of nowhere, with promises to make her life better. But she doesn't realize that he Tomlinsons can help her. Kam is angry that her family would stay away from her life for 18 years, so she tries to run away all the time, she does drugs, drinks, anything she can to get her mind off of her impossible life. When "Mummy Tomlinson", as Kam refers to her, decides to send her away with her older brother Louis on tour with his world famous band, Kam uses her spy skills to prank the boys, thwart them in any way she can. At least, until they give her up to an orphanage again, or best yet, send her back to the Academy, to her friends: Samantha, Caroline, and Riley.
On the other hand, Louis Tomlinson had never known he had another sister. When he finally discovers her drug use, he is determined to help her in any way he can, except set her up with one of the other boys. But Kam doesn't want Louis' help, she doesn't want anyone's help, unless she knows them from the "Academy". Louis has no idea what the Academy is, other than that it is the rich boarding school Kam attended during years 7-12, but he is determined to find out, plus why does Kam appear to hate him?

Can years worth of lack of trust and knowing someone be made up for in just one world tour? Find out in: "The Academy"


10. Excuse you?

"Hey Kam!" Came the reaction from the girls assembled.

As the celebrities walked in the room, Bridget Apuir stared openly at them, and I had to stop her from flirting with a harsh glare. She returned the gesture with a middle finger and a duck face.

I picked up Tina, who is as tiny as a little teacup pig, and made a little room at the foot of my bed for myself.

Eva Baird cleared her throat, and I remembered we were supposed to be playing truth or dare.

I looked at the celebrities lined up along the wall. "You can sit down, if you can find a place. Would one of you like to go?"

Leigh-Anne Pinnock immediately raised her hand. "Alright, Leigh-Anne, right?"

She nodded her head. "Okay. I dare you to-"

30 minutes later, it was my turn to take a dare.

Bridget nodded her head. "I dare you to invite them to play in tomorrow's soccer game."

"I already did!" I said triumphantly.

"DAMN!!!!" She shouted. And I laughed.

"Go on, Bridge!" Tina said.

Reluctantly, and with a great deal of sighing and huffing, Bridget hopped out of the room.

"If I may, what was that about?" Louis is looking at me for clarification.

Thankfully, Riley steps in. "Every time someone dares another person to do something they've already done during the game, which doesn't happen often, the person who gave the wrong dare has to go touch Gillian's sword." I knew from the moment she said it he would get more confused.

Zayn nodded. "Sure, but what exactly is Gillian's sword?"

I step in this time. "It's the Imperial-style sword that belonged to the Academy's founder, Gillian. It's worth millions of dollars, because it dates all the way back to Imperial China. To keep it safe, it is charged with enough electricity to light your hair on fire. Every year, one of the new seventh graders, in a period of awe, decides to touch the sword, and light their hair on fire. Therefore, making us seniors do it, since we're supposed to be the smartest and all, is funny."

"You would make your own friend light her hair on fire?" Eleanor looks disgusted. "That's so mean!"

"It's not that big of a deal." As Bridget walks back in the room, the smell of toast hits our noses, and the celebrities wrinkle theirs, as we laugh at Bridget.

She flips us off with a smile, and sits back down.

"Who's up next?"

Eva glances up at the clock, and says: "The dance is going to start soon, we should get ready."

We all nod, and Sam stands up, walking over to her closet. As the other girls file out of the room, the celebrities stand up, and I watch as they stretch.

"What should we wear to this dance?" Sophia asks quietly. Jeez, that girl is really shy.

"Anything you want. We'll change out of our uniforms, but whatever you all want to wear is fine." I say. "I can come get you before the dance starts."

"Great! Thanks!" Louis smiles at me before taking his girlfriend's hand, and following the others out of the room.

I nod, and Caroline steps out of the bathroom. "You guys can have it. I'm finished."

I pull a pretty white dress out of my closet, and go to put it on. About 20 minutes later, I'm done curling my hair, and I'm putting the last touches on my makeup, before I head towards the Grand Staircase, behind my friends. You can already hear the music booming from the speakers, and as the girls I have grown up with disappear in to the hall, I walk towards the back staircase.

When I reach the dimly lit hallway, Eleanor stands there talking to one of my half-sisters, Pheobe, I think.

When I approach, they stop whispering, and Pheobe smiles at me.

"I'll get the others, they're all in Louis' room talking about God knows what."

Eleanor glares at me, as Pheobe walks away. "You are such a bitch, you know that!"

"Excuse you?!" At the Academy, we always refrained from saying 'excuse me'. We felt it always meant to say that we were the one in the wrong. Clearly, in this situation, I am not.

"Louis wanted so much for you to loving and excepting of him! You took his dreams and walked all over them! You are such a bitch!"

I was in shock, but I recovered quickly, always poised. "I can't believe that you have the nerve to insult me in my very own school! I have a lot of friends who would have killed you for that comment!" I was furious, and little did she know they could actually have killed her. We know thousands of ways to do it.

She opens her mouth again, but she's interrupted by the group coming out of the back room, minus my parents, who must be skipping the dance. Most parents do.

Louis smiles at the both of us. Eleanor's face is completely flushed, she's pissed, but I don't care. He wraps his arm around her waist, and I want to puke at the fake smile she gives him.

I huff, as Liam looks at us, clearly seeing the remains of our tiny argument, and he frowns.

I take off back the way I came, and slow my pace until I hear the shuffling of footsteps behind me.

When I reach the dance hall, I'm met by a bunch of girls screaming 'Gangnam Style' in English.

Seeing the chance to flaunt my superiority over Eleanor, I say: "Take note. Every word you hear is direct translation of this song, not some Google Translator shit, but just the fact that they teach us Korean here."

The group looks impressed. "They really teach you Korean?" I hear Demi say. "Most schools just teach Spanish or French!"

"They teach us multiple languages." The only reason I leave out how many is that I'm hoping someone will ask. And they do.

"How many, and what ones?" I hear the deep voice of Harry Styles. As soon as he says it, I prepare my mental list.

"Spanish, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Arabic, German, Swedish, Finnish, and Danish. That's fourteen."


I nod, and look over at the corner of the room where my friends are gathered around the DJ table, making a suggestion to Tina, who is trying to play every song possible. Mostly, it's country. Spending most of our time in the rural area of Virginia means that we like country. Occasionally, we like pop songs, but usually, we like parodies better.

When my friends walk over to us, they're grinning like kids on Christmas.

"What?" I say.

"Surprise, yay!" Sam says in Spanish. "You'll find out soon enough!" It's not uncommon for Gallagher Girls to talk in other languages when we don't want other people to hear.

2 seconds later, I hear my favorite parody come on the speakers. I look at the celebrities, who are looking at me like I'm crazy. "This is your favorite song?"

"This is a parody! And yes, it is!" I defend myself. The song is a parody Miley Cyrus' 'Wrecking Ball', by YouTuber: Thecomputernerd01.

When the song is over, I'm out of breath, but adrenaline is running through my veins. I wasn't prepared for Eleanor's two cents on the song though, she can be really critical.

"That's the worst parody I have ever heard!" She remarked. "I thought you were supposed to be smart!"

As she began to smirk, Tina stopped the music, and the whole room turned to look at me. I had a history of anger issues, and no one wanted to stop a fight between a Gallagher Girl, who is stronger than hell, and a model who probably hasn't eaten in the past month, and most likely has no energy.

Louis was looking at Eleanor uncomfortably.

Honestly, I could care less what she thought of anything about me. I just cared how my friends viewed her. If she was a bitch, then they would wish me luck dealing with her. I hate pity smiles, it makes me look weak. I am anything but weak. Weak.

I can make myself look less weak, simply by not caring.

Gathering my dignity, I mustered the courage not to jump on her and beat the shit out of her.

Instead, I simply stated. "I invite you to make a better one. Until you have, this one is my favorite."

With that, and the shocked faces around me, I turned to Tina, who gave me a thumbs-up, and I shouted to her: "Replay, Iyaz."

She nodded, and the crowd cheered, it really was a well loved song here at the Academy.

(A/N: Any of the songs I mentioned in this chapter are all really good, you guys should try to listen to them!)

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