Give Your Heart A Break

Rose Irwin. Younger sister of Ashton Irwin from 5 Seconds Of Summer. Rose has met the boys of 1D plenty of time before because of 5SOS going on tour with them. And not to mention, Roses' best friend is Louis' girlfriends sister. Rose is dating Hayes Grier. One day her heart is broken, and the only one to save her is Harry..... who she hates.


2. Admitting feelings I didnt think I had

(Harry's pov):

    She just walked away. With tears running down her face. Leaving me to wonder if she would ever feel the same.





(Rose's pov):

    I woke up the next morning feeling good. No thinking about Harry, or the strange sparks the appeared when we kissed. I have Hayes. And he is everything I want. I have a date with him tonight. Hopefully I will get my mind off of everything with Harry. Dates with Hayes are always the best. He makes me feel wanted, and loved like nothing will ever hurt me. I had to get ready. Since I woke up late. He was picking me up at 6, and it was 12 now. I got out of bed and went downstairs to get a bowl of cereal or something. When I got down there, Ashton was sitting at the table.

A: "Well finally sleeping beauty decided to get up, I have been up for hours"
R: "Morning Ash, I am sure you have been up for hours"

A: "I have, I had band practice with the guys this morning at 9, what are your plans for today?"

R:"I am actually just getting ready, Hayes is picking me up at 6, and we are going out."

A: "Well, have fun, I have to run, say hi to Hayes for me, by little sis"

He kissed me on the head, and ran out. Probably going to meet his girlfriend Katie. Who I love. My phone buzzed.

Hayes: "morning my princess, I am picking you up at 2, I figure you can come with me to Magcon today, I love you"

I smiled and went to get in the shower. After I was done, I changed into my Magcon shirt, and sweatshirt, jeans, my Vans, and I let my hair fall into its natural curl. I also put Hayes' Magcon beanie on, he left it at my house a while ago. Checking my phone, I saw that it was 2, Hayes should be here any minute. Just then I heard the door. I ran to grab it, and there was Hayes.

H: "Hi beautiful, your looking amazing as usual"

R: "Hey baby, thanks, ready to go?'

H: "Yes, lets go"

He grabbed onto my waist and led me to his car. I got in, and we cranked up "22" by Taylor Swift, as we drove to the mall Magcon was doing signings at that day. I sat next to Hayes, as he signed autographs. Cameron wasn't feeling well, so Mahogony asked me to get him a bottle of cold water. I agreed and ran back to where everything was. I grabbed the bottle, and went back. On my way back, I passed something I never thought I would see. Sitting on a bench in the mall was Hayes with his mouth on some girls.

R: "Hayes??"

H: "Rose... baby, its not what it looks like."

R: "Oh really? because it looks like you were kissing some other girl, we are done Hayes, I mean it, goodbye"

I ran out with tears in my eyes, thinking about Harry. I had felt something in that kiss. I hated to admit it to myself, but I think I was falling for Harry Styles.

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