The Black Lover

I'm the black lover the one who every one fears the gang leader's little sister, the one who handles all killing in the gang. I was loyal to the gang until Harry came into my life. He was the rival gang leader I was the black lover...


1. The Start



Another one down. I make my way down to the basement " where's the money?" I ask pointing the gun to his face. " I don't have it" as soon as he said that I pull the trigger releasing the bullet going through his forehead.

I'm the Black Lover, the Black Widow's daughter, the Fear Killer's daughter, the Sharp Shooter's little sister. I never chose to be in the gang but I was forced in it. My dad ( Fear Killer) was the leader of the Night Crawlers. My mom (Black Widow) was the hit girl of the Night Crawlers. My brother (Sharp Shooter) is now the gang leader of the Night Crawlers. I the Black Lover is now the Night Crawlers's hit girl. You might think I would be guilty for killing people but actually my life is amazing I'm having so much fun in life. Tonight is the Crawlers Bash which is this monthly epic party all the members of the gang go to. I got ready by putting on black high waisted shorts and a red tank top and some red VANS. I got my skateboard and rode it to ground Zero which is where we usually held our parties. The music was blasting through the place. I make my way to the dance floor and start dancing suddenly there was a loud bang. Everyone started screaming there where scrambling out of ground zero. I run through crowd out the skate park. I got my skateboard and rode as fast as I can to the Night Crawlers's house. When I got there I found a bloody boy on the ground and my brother on him punching him. I push my brother off of him and said " WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!!" The bloody boy couldn't even move from all the pain then my brother said " that idiot set the bomb in ground Zero he's the Pain Animals's leader" " YOU FUCKING ASS YOUR GOING TO PAY FOR RUINING GROUND ZERO!!" I grab the bloody boy and start punching him. It hurt so much that someone destroyed my dad's skate park. After punching him I grabbed my skateboard and went to go find Alice which is my 13-year old little sister. I couldn't find her at the skateboard shop. I was praying to god she didn't go to ground Zero. As I was making my way to ground zero I notice a body on the road covered in blood I went to see who it is. As soon as I saw it I fall down to the ground crying my heart out " NO ALICE WHY PLEASE COME BACK DONT LEAVE WHY OH MY GOD WHY!!???!!!!!!" I dragged her body back home still crying when I opened the door everyone was there. As soon as my brother saw me he rushed over to me and looked at me tears forming in his eyes and said "go with Cassie, give me Alice" I hand Alice's bloody body to him and rushed to Cassie and cried my eyes out. Why did they have to do this to her she was only a little girl who was forced into the gang. I swear I will make the Pain Animals pay I will kill every one in that sick gang.

*next day*

Today is the day I'll start my revenge. I was assigned to kill Avery the Pain Animals's hit girl. I grabbed my knife and gun and make my way to ground zero's ruins. I saw all the Pain Animals there I quickly hide behind a tree I pulled out the gun from my boots and point to the blonde Avery and shoot. All I hear is a loud thump and screams then there where bullets heading towards for me. A lot of you guys would say "why don't you shot them all right now?" But the problem is that the rules for a Night Crawler hit girl is that you can only kill the people your told to. I run towards the woods where lucky I lost them. I make my way back to the house suddenly I felt a sharp pain on my thigh. I fell to the ground and blacked out.

" NO MOMMY NO PLEASE DONT LEAVE" I cry as I sat there with my mom's bloody head on my lap. Suddenly I hear a loud thump and turned around to see my dad on the ground with a knife in his chest " NO DADDY!" My brother Ray pulled me up and handed me baby Alice and said " let's leave before they killed us" we both run towards the skateboard shop and found our aunt Ellie there we run towards her and tell her everything that happened.

End of flash back

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