The Black Lover

I'm the black lover the one who every one fears the gang leader's little sister, the one who handles all killing in the gang. I was loyal to the gang until Harry came into my life. He was the rival gang leader I was the black lover...


4. The Pain


I can't believe she said that Avery was never told to kill The Little Spider (Alice). After she said that she left then a bunch of Night Crawlers came in and took all the female Pain Animals I tried to get up but was pushed back down by The Sharp Shooter. Then he grabbed my little sister Lily and sat her in front of me and said "Isn't this your little sister?" At this moment I was scared to know what they where going to do to her " y-yes....." He gave me his signature smirk " well how about if I tell you she has to pay for what your gang did to my little sis" "WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO TO HER!?" I soon regret that I yelled at him because The Life Ender (Cassie) grabbed Lily and dragged her out of the basement. "Don't worry Wild Child (Harry) I won't kill her just tell me this I heard you guys kidnap girls off of the streets and make them your sex slaves" my face went blank there going to make Lily there sex slave. Then The Life Ender brought Lily in except Lily was now in her panties and bra. There were tears rushing down her face which caused me pain. Ray threw her to the ground causing her to wince in pain. But before Josh could get on her The Black Lover came in and as soon as she saw Ray she ran over to him and pushed him of Lily and yelled "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU SHES ONLY 16!!!" She helped Lily up and Ray said "it's called payback sis" Selena looked at him in disgust "it's not her fault" he turned around to face my gang and pointed to Emma who is Avery's cousin and said "come" she walked over to him shaking in fear. He pointed his gun at Emma and shoot her in the forehead. Lily started to sob and Selena just hugged her I was surprise at least one Night Crawler had a heart. Cassie dragged Emma out and Ray said "Selena your on night watch" then all the other Crawlers left except her.

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