The Black Lover

I'm the black lover the one who every one fears the gang leader's little sister, the one who handles all killing in the gang. I was loyal to the gang until Harry came into my life. He was the rival gang leader I was the black lover...


2. The Guy


Me and the gang where at the ruins of ground zero when I heard a loud bang and turned around to see my girlfriend Avery on the floor everyone pulled out there guns and started shooting towards the woods we saw the Black Lover run towards the woods. We didn't follow her we took a shortcut to the other side of the woods when I got there I saw Black Lover and quickly pulled out my knife and stabbed her into her thigh. I saw her as she passed out suddenly now I feel the sharp pain on my back I turned around to meet a pair of dark brown eyes filled with rage Damn it! It was Ray I also saw my gang members on the floor with their hands in there air as in for the sign for surrender I also saw a bunch of Night Crawlers with guns pointing at them then every thing went black......

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