The Black Lover

I'm the black lover the one who every one fears the gang leader's little sister, the one who handles all killing in the gang. I was loyal to the gang until Harry came into my life. He was the rival gang leader I was the black lover...


3. PayBack


I woke up.....In my home?

" Hello little sis" Ray said " um did I get here" "we found you in the woods and we kidnapped the Pain Animals and kept them in our basement" as soon as he said that I ran to the basement went straight up to Harry and started punching him to the ground " YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE YOU FUCKING STABBED ME YOU ASS DIE ALREADY!!!"

I saw by the corner of my eye that a blonde guy tried to get up but was pushed back down by Cassie. Before I could swing again Ray grabbed me off of him "LET ME GO I NEED TO FINISH HIM FOR ALICE!" I broke down crying on the floor. Alice was the light in my life the one who made me want to live she was always there when I needed a shoulder to cry on she made me happy. "I know Selena it's hard to let her go but you have to control yourself" then Harry whispered "Alice?" He said it loud enough for us to hear " YES YOU FUCKING DOUCHE ALICE THE 13-YEAR OLD GIRL YOUR FUCKING HIT GIRL KILLED!!!" 😭 I broke down even more. He just stared at me in disbelief "WHAT YOU FUCKIN DONT BELIEVE ME WHY DONT YOU GO ASK YOUR FUCKIN WACKED UP GIRLFRIEND WHO I KILLED IN THE RUINS OF GRAVITY ZERO!" By now there were tears escaping his eyes.

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